19.11.2020 Opinion

Arrive Alive

By Oware Iddrissu
Arrive Alive
LISTEN NOV 19, 2020

Life at every stage is worth experiencing, when one has the life he has an opportunity to almost everything he or she wishes on this earth. Celebrating life events with families and friends is one of the best experience and memories life can offer to mankind, it wouldn't be in the wish of anyone to announce death news in his family as we approach Christmas.

What more is sad than receiving a message that your loved one who left home for a business meeting or work could not make it back home due to a car accident? it becomes the worst day in your life.

For accidents, they are unquenchable but the probability of reducing its numerous happenings is feasible. Multifarious checks on vehicles by Police officers can neutralize the unnecessary speedy Drivers on the road.

Ghana has recorded 75% or more of car accidents in 2020. Many have lost loved ones through car accidents. when there is a news or information concerning car accidents, most people despise to listen to the news because it crushes their hearts and traumatize their emotions. On the news, you hear, “6 young footballers dead in a car accident.” “4 Vehicle crash in Kumase_ Accra road.” “Road Traffic Accidents on The Accra -Kumase_Tamale Road corridor”.

All these are news families do not wish to hear, I do not intend to say this to hurt my readers and listeners feelings or remind them of their sorrow but I feel very melancholic about families losing loved ones through car accidents.

At this time where the year is gradually moving to an end, the weather conditions is not stable and predictable at times. But Rain is one of the causes of car accidents.

Rain creates slick and dangerous surface for cars, trucks, and it causes automobiles to spin out of control when driving. Drivers should take extra care driving when it rains.

moreover, Drivers who drive at night drive over speedy, at this time no one owns the road, perhaps, when a driver can not see ahead of him the probability of accidents is high. we use to blame rough roads to be one of the effective causes of Car accidents in the country but the roads that many car accidents have occurred on have no problems concerning rough roads, this explains that most accidents on the roads are caused by some careless driving of our dear Drivers.

Extra check on new drivers and teenage drivers in the country should be considered, most young drivers have joined the table of driving and some of these new recruit drivers have less idea about driving, therefore when they hit the roads they put lives in danger. Most of them do not respect the road safety signs while driving which is one of the causes of car accidents in the country.

When accidents happens, a heavy load of pressure is mounted on the nerves of health workers to save lives, meanwhile it is not all lives that are saved.

We are yet to begin the election, most Ghanaians would be travelling to their hometowns to cast their votes, also, Christmas is around the corner, families would be expecting fathers, Mothers, siblings and other loved ones at home, at this juncture the lives of passengers on the road are in the hands of God and Drivers, perhaps, a least mistake can cause life lost. It would be very nice and angelic for nation to record a less car accidents.

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