American One Term Presidents: GOP Leads

Feature Article American One Term Presidents: GOP Leads

A good friend of mine in Sunyani is curious to know if President Donald J. Trump will be the only American leader to have lost re-election! The answer is simply no. American democracy was born in 1789.

Despite its integrity plummeted to tempestuous streak along the way; culminating in the assassination of four sitting presidents [Abraham Lincoln-1865, James A. Garfield-1881, William Mckinley-1901, and John F. Kennedy-1963], attempted murder on the two sitting Presidents [Theodore Roosevelt-1912 and Ronald Reagan-1981], and the civil war [1861-1865], the US democracy remains the reference points of many global democratic dispensations.

Apart from President Trump, nine presidents failed re-election attempts. The Republican Party nicknamed Grand Old Party [GOP] leads the one-term president list.

John Adams [1797-1801], Federalist Party

John Quincy Adams [1825-1829], Whig Party

Martin Van Buren [1837-1841], Democratic Party

Benjamin Harrison [1889-1893], GOP

William Howard Taft [1909-1913], GOP

Herbert Hoover [1929-1933], GOP

Gerald Ford [1974-1977], GOP

Jimmy Carter [1977-1981], Democratic Party

George H. W. Bush [1989-1993], GOP

Nana Yaw Osei, Minnesota, USA.

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