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The World Ruler - Part 28

The World Ruler - Part 28
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As Minister Justice Alooma saw the question about his nose in the face of the English Man he explained: "Your pointed nose is there to ensure that the bacteria’s and viruses, especially because of your cold weather, do not make you sick. A pointed nose is better qualified as a filter for that why our flat big noses help us to be protected from the sandstorms, the Harmattan and others here on our continent."

"I never thought of clever done!"

"Trust God in all things and you are settled," smiled Minister Justice Alooma about his English Man that looked so typical English no one would ever mistake him for an American. While people were passing them and greeted the Minister asking again and again for a selfie, he shared further insights and said: "When the Koreans and others came to Ghana to suggest an Atomic Power plant for the country many among the political establishment were all in favour of the project that only was born from a madwoman. I mean, come on, be truthful, how could have someone ever believed that this is the right way forward to solve the Dumsor misery in Ghana? Pure madness. It was again another sign that the black man is willing to listen to fake advice from the white man and embrace the old obsolete technology he had developed with lots of money, a technology seen by his people as too useless and dangerous now having to find a way out to recover the investment made into this stupid technology. So, they saw Africa as the perfect dumping place for that. and when bribery speaks, the former Politicians were more than happy to voice our sweet words of madness to convince Ghanaians to accept this technology...using lies after lies...and it worked. That is the sad part of it. But thanks to God, he intervened. When the new Kingdom of Ghana had come and come to stay, we lucky found that the Power Station was not yet completed and running. We stopped the project right on time. Now we use this building in multiple ways. The walls of the main building for the production of nuclear energy were so thick we have right now agencies located inside that ensure our country is safe, meaning our intelligence services, part of them. They can listen to the outside world but for the outside world to infiltrate our systems and listen to our secretes...that is hard for anyone attempting to cause us any harm."

"I congratulate the country of Ghana, the new Kingdom!"

"As you certainly have seen in the city of Accra there is a huge National Cathedral, a monster indeed. Our country had more churches than citizens, therefore he had decided to use that building to accommodate poor people with no or less income. We build simple apartments into the building and it turned out that in fact, God has blessed us. It so happened that right from this place many of the people living there started over time their own small business, some even have now a medium-sized building. I am still amazed that in that building people come out with great ideas. The Holy Ghost must live in there. The people that had walked into the building were not well educated, did not have much money or even no money at all. But I can say that almost all of them started to get great ideas for products and services. With the assistance of experienced mentors, they moved forward and eventually out building their own houses. I can honestly say as to when the rumours about this wonder crisscrossed the nation even rich people wanted to rent an apartment there and be reconnected to the spirit of innovation. It was like a gold rush, everyone was queuing and waiting to enter one of the apartments. That we're crazy times...but helping the nation immensely. Now the trend has slowed down a bit, but the wish is still there in the hearts of people one day, one day to be part of the people living in the former Church converted to little apartments. I somethings see this like a beehive where the honey is in little, little compartments so to speak and these compartments are so sweet, as for us humans in the end life have to be sweet."

"A very good picture, matching well!"

"After all, humans are not made to suffer, but to see good and life in what was once ours, the Garden of Eden. To labour for our paradise, yes, that makes sense. To labour for seeing the only, that does not make sense."

Charles Braviuory laughed and said: "You are a very, very wise man indeed!"

"Just observing what is going on in this world, that is all," refused Minister Justice Alooma to be praised. "After all, everyone called a human being has a brain...and that thing is not made to be carried around and be fed with oxygen and vitamins, but with thoughts and insights in what life is all about."

"And everyone has one!" added Charles Bravioury jumping aside making sure a car speeding along Tema Accra Beach Road would not hit them. "Some are not like others...madness!"

"There you see, Mr Charles. Even we have all the same brain regardless of where and how we were born...but some of us use it only for selfish reasons taking themselves not far in life or too far at the expense of others."

"You wanted to briefly touch a few aspects of your justice system, Sir," reminded the Welsh Man his Minister. "I would be most interested to hear."

"Now...much can be said, but let me pick out one aspect for now," started Minister Justice Alooma to lecture his guest. "In your societies, like in ours in the past also, innocent people were sent to prison. Years later they were released and compensated financially for their time in prison. The state, for that matter the taxpayer, had to pay the financial compensation rewarded to such innocent prisoners. Now we have changed this wrong system and had asked ourselves why on earth is that possible that innocent people are sent to prison. Our conclusion was the judge or panel of judges were delivering a poor job for which reason they should be held accountable for that. Like doctors, accountants, private companies and so on our judges must have professional liability insurance for such cases, all paid by themselves. It was wrongly argued in the past as judges as long as they serve the law they work on behave of the society and the state as such and not like the other professions that work only for themselves. Now that argument does not stand the test of time. Taking someone`s freedom is a serious issue and most only be done when evidence is crystal clear someone sent to prison is guilty. Besides life freedom is the next essential matter that is vital to us all and so precious. For that anyone given the authority from the society to rule and judge legally over others must meet the highest standard of professionalism. That standard becomes a personal matter in that case and no more an issue of society alone. To ensure that the right justice is served we implemented this tool into our justice system and data prove us right as the numbers of cases in which innocent people were released from prison and financially compensated for their time served have gone down drastically. Earlier on it was argued we would not find enough people to be judges under such circumstances...but the opposite is the truth. We had many discussions and now judges embrace our concept and work accordingly to our very innovative justice system outstanding exemplary around the world, an icon indeed."

"Yes, I was hearing about it long ago and when I heart it I was so, so were and are all my friends and fellow business people," applauded Charles Bravioury sitting at a table in one of the many bars along the Tema Accra Beach Road stretch being served with the greatest of respect. They stopped talking watching how the High-Speed train from Accra was heading for Tema and further to Aflao the border city to Togo. Aflao once the centre of the dispute by Ewes, the Voltarians, had been granted a special status inside the new Kingdom of Ghana but as seeing the benefits of being inside a united Ghana under the Kingdom of white people delivering on their promises, they had stopped their demonstrations and retracted their demand to create an independent state named Togoland. "One day I hope to hear more about the inner circle of your government system."

"Such as?"

"I hear you want to get back to democracy but in a special form!"

Minister Justice Alooma smiled knowing white people had asked him about it again and again and responded with a bright smile on his face: "For the start, the power of King Thomas is very powerful. He is like an absolute Monarch you people might say, even we have checks and balances in place such as our five-member council of elders that is nothing new on earth but had been a well-established practice in ancient Greece, just check out history books on that. What was very important after the dark days of the Fourth Republic was that he had to lay a solid foundation. Now we are in the next phase to set Ghana free from mental slavery by the black mind. What we have is an Assembly smaller than the former Parliament with two chambers. One is for by the electorate decided for Members of the General Assembly, the other second Chamber is representing the heads of our various states to voice their ideas and concerns. Unlike the former Parliament, the Assembly has no legal right to decide on financial laws or laws at all and cannot vote on our Prime Minister or Minister. It is a body to voice the grievances and ideas of our people for the King to take into consideration when having to make a decision. The long-time plan is that when this works well for all parties involved and everyone is less happy and it becomes a common practice no longer to see being in Parliament a source of good income but a service to a fellow citizen, than in phase three we will open up the idea of matured democracy and have Members of Parliament with all legal rights as you in Europe know it so well...under the leadership of a multi-national government lead for most periods by white people...but white people mandated to further educate us black people in best practises to perform even better than you in the old matured democracies that have the actual tendency, clearly to be observed by open-minded people, to go step back from a democracy of a more or less perfect style rather wanting to end endless and time-wasting proceedings rather have a strong force at the top of your societies, someone that gets things done, never perfect, but who gets things done."

"That is very interesting...and I think true observation. I see it just like you!" agreed Charles Bravioury toasting with Club Beer seeing the High-Speed train disappearing in the distance.

"So, our agenda is clear and it makes me always so happy to see delegations after delegations from around the world including African countries coming here down to Ghana to study our government system and when they leave, that is what they well me very often, say they wish they would have had the ideas first while at the same time telling me their people would know what change is needed for them to work better. but as the routine sets in humans get lazy to change and look for a better constitution, rather amending it in small steps."

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