Redevelop Our Dam: Residents of Kpalwega Appeal to Government, NGOs

Feature Article Redevelop Our Dam: Residents of Kpalwega Appeal to Government, NGOs
NOV 5, 2020 LISTEN

Dry season farming has been an integral part of the local economic activity in the Bawku Municipality and its environs. From the Bugri corner to Jentiga to Kpalwega smallholder farmers takes advantage of dugout and dams to cultivate vegetables. Dams have equally become a source of fresh water for animals and other domestic purposes. The contributions of dry seasons gardening to agricultural productivity output is essential in terms of enhancing food sufficiency, household income and industrial feed.
The Kpalwega community which is one of the largest in the Bawku Municipality has two Dams, while the Azorka Dam that is sharing Boundaries with the Bawku Senior High School is equally suffering from the same fate and thankfully have been awarded to construct from redevelopment; same cannot be said to the one located near Mossi- Naa area.
The dam which is few meters away from the Late Tahiru Bugnaba Residence and north of Mother Theresa Education Complex has been in existence for close to three decades. It started as a small dugout and developed into a dam that is serving over 50 farmers and a population of over 702 people. The dam is providing a water source for a considerable number of communities/ sections including Manga, Yurigu, Nayoko, Badigu, Nabdug, and Mosse –Natinga.
Its sad that waterweed has taken over the dam and if urgent attention is not adhered to the fear to completely lose the dam would be a reality. Some farmers expressed a worry that for over decades' adequate investment has not been made to redevelop the dam to an enviable status to further boost agricultural productivity. The farmers said, the lack of incentives to enable them to expand their productive outputs is one of their many challenges.
The appeal to the government, Non- Governmental Organisation (NGOs) to come to their aid to help salvage the deplorable state of the dam. The farmers and some young men of the community reaffirm their commitment to support any course of intervention that would help save the dam.
A vegetable farmer Seidu Sule said 'our dam is about to be submerged by waterweed, we are looking for options and support to help in dredging and redeveloping it so we could have more water and to expand dry season gardening'. The farmers still resolve to indigenous methods of using gallons to draw water to the onion beds. A development that would affect commercialisation.
With the Government's flagship programme 'One Village One Dam', it would be good for the Bawku Municipal Assembly and the Ministry of Special Development Initiatives to consider prioritising the dam for redevelopment. The socio-economic benefits of the dam cannot be overemphasised most especially that, the community is fast developing to a pre-urban status.
Author; Tahiru Lukman
Youth Activist, Dev't Consultant & Pan- African Author
Email: [email protected]

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