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05.11.2020 Politics

Airbus Scandal: Mahama Used The Right Words To Describe Amidu's Report — John Jinapor

Airbus Scandal: Mahama Used The Right Words To Describe Amidu's Report — John Jinapor
LISTEN NOV 5, 2020

A member of the Finance Committee of Parliament, John Jinapor has defended former President John Dramani Mahama for taking on the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, on the latter’s remark on the Airbus bribery scandal.

“I listened to him [Mahama], and all he said was that what happened in terms of the report was nonsense and it was the act and the right words to describe the report and that was all that it was.”

Speaking on Eyewitness News, Mr Jinapor stated that “He [John Mahama] was referring to the action and not the man himself. The point is that what Martin Amidu did is not what he was supposed to. He was meant to do a corruption risk assessment of the Agyapa deal.”

“If he wants to do something about Airbus, let him do that separately, talk to those involved and do what is right and proper. But if you mix up the two, you make nonsense of what you are doing and that is a fact,” he added.

Agyapa report vs. Airbus scandal

Mr. Amidu in his corruption risk assessment report on the Agyapa deal gave an update on his investigation on the Airbus scandal and said he is convinced John Mahama was involved in wrongdoing.

The Special Prosecutor , however, said he is holding on with investigations into Mr. Mahama's alleged involvement in the infamous Airbus bribery scandal till after the December 7 general elections.

“This Office has established the identity of elected Government official 1 to be former President John Dramani Mahama whose brother of the full blood is Samuel Adam Foster also known as Samuel Adam Mahama. The only reason the former President has not been invited for interrogation (in spite of all threats from some of his followers and lawyers) is the fact that he got himself insurance as the presidential candidate of the other largest political party in Ghana and prudence dictated that the interrogation be held in abeyance during this election season,” Amidu said in the report.


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