30.10.2020 Poem

Let Us Rise Oh Youths Of Ghana

By Redeemer Kukubor 
Let Us Rise Oh Youths Of Ghana
LISTEN OCT 30, 2020

Let us rise oh youth of Ghana. 
We ain't agents of violence 
and we won't love to be one. 
We ain't going to be the people to 
run mother Ghana into conflict.
 We ain't ready to be used as 
sacrificial lambs by politicians 
to fight for the destiny of their 

Let us rise oh youth of Ghana. 
Let us not allow ourselves 
to be used by politicians to 
promote violent in our mother
 land they also have children. 
Let them use their children 
if they think they love their 
children and are not ready 
to loose them,we also have 
parents who love us and 
are not ready to loose us.
Let us rise oh youths of Ghana. 
Let us rise and say enough is enough.
We don't have 
any better home apart from 
Ghana. It is time we stand 
and protect the peace of mother Ghana.
if the child 
of the politician is not qualified 
to protect their parents ballot, 
the youth of Ghana are also 
not qualified to protect the 
ballot of any politician.


By: Redeemer Kukubor 

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