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30.10.2020 Health

Newly Posted Environmental Health Officers Express Appreciation

Newly Posted Environmental Health Officers Express Appreciation
LISTEN OCT 30, 2020

The Newly Posted Environmental Health Assistants/Officers of Schools of Hygiene, Ghana wish to bring to the attention of all stakeholders our gratitude and appreciation to the Government of Ghana for the released of Financial clearance for our recruitment.

The Government has granted Financial clearance through the Ministry of Finance to the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources and The Office of the Head of Local Government Service to recruit One thousand, one hundred and seventy-four (1174) Environmental Health Assistants/Officers for the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies ( MMDAs).

We, the Newly Posted Environmental Health Assistants/Officers of Schools of Hygiene across the Country in charge of Sanitation for our dear Nation wish to ensure the Government and the people of Ghana that as fully employed by the Government, we shall help contribute our quota to the effective enforcement of Sanitation Laws and efficiently manage Sanitation related issues and Public Health and Well-being of the Nation with the help of the Government and the hard-working Environmental Health Assistants/Officers already on the field.

We are therefore pleading with the Government to provide the Environmental Health Practitioners ( Tankans or Samasamans) the necessary and needed logistics and attention to carry out our duties effectively and efficiently to make Ghana the cleanest country in West Africa.

We also pleaded with the Government to continue posting Schools of Hygiene graduates immediately after completion of their course of training.

We are using this opportunity to appreciate and express our gratitude to all those who helped and most especially the following institutions and personalities for their massive support, advice and directions;

1. The Minister, Ministry of Finance.

2. The Minister, Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources.

3. The Minister, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

4. The Minister, Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations.

5. The Head of Service, Office of the Head of Local Government Service.

6. The Principals, Schools of Hygiene (Ho, Accra and Tamale).

7. The President, Environmental Health Offices Alliance - Ghana (EHOA-GH).

8. The S.R.C Presidents.

( Schools of Hygiene, 2016 - 2019).

9. REHOs, MEHOs, and DEHOs.

10. The Posting Executives.

11. The President,

Ghana Environmental Health Officers Association (GEHOA).

12. The Multi-media ( JOY TV, JOY F.M, T.V 3 .ETC.)


The Executives



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