29.10.2020 Feature Article

A Quick Note To Issa Ouedraogo - The Hardworking CEO And Founder Of The Green Eco-Agri-Business, BOVID

A Quick Note To Issa Ouedraogo - The Hardworking CEO And Founder Of The Green Eco-Agri-Business, BOVID
LISTEN OCT 29, 2020

My dear Issa,

The very lucrative green enterprise, which you founded, and continue to run so successfully, is just the kind of inclusive-green-agribusiness, which our nation ought to encourage, with long tax holidays - if we want to become an inclusive and prosperous, modern-day-African-society, ooooo. Yoooooo...

Furthermore, surely, as an aspirational African people, we must make it clear to the politicians, and political parties, insisting that even those Ghanaian businesses, run by incorrigible wealthy-crooks, which fuel the high-level-corruption, responsible for the plain corporate-thievery, eroding the moral fabric, of today's Ghanaian society, must, willy-nilly, be supported, that that outrageous public-stance, of theirs, is not only amoral, but intellectually-dishonest, in the extreme, too? Yoooooo...

Finally, it never ceases to amaze, moi, that there are many highly-intelligent Ghanaians, who posit that privately-owned Ghanaian banks (run like the personal-piggy-banks of unethical directors, and shareholders-sans-moral-compasses), ought to have been allowed to continue doing business. How, I ask?

Is one to presume that in their view, such banks should have been permitted to continue using depositors cash, to fund directors', and shareholders', super-expensive lifestyles, and fund their personal projects (designed to send their net worth to stratospheric heights, on top of that unspeakable-and-unforgivable-abomination), at the expense of hapless depositors - just because they were indigenously-owned businesses? Haaba. How sad. How amazing. And, how very troubling, Massa.

Finally, with the greatest respect, Issa, don't you agree with those of us, who insist that nothing can justify such corporate-crookedness, koraaaa, anaaaaa - if we want to see the emergence of world-class (and global-class-leading) Ghanaian businesses, such as your BOVID, which are built on the bedrock of corporate good governance principles, evolving, to dominate the African continental free trade area: and creating wealth for brilliant-cohorts-of-young-wealthy-green-entrepreneurs, across our homeland Ghana? Ditto, generating jobs galore, too, nationwide? Who born dog, I ask, Massa? Haaba. Yoooooo...

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