25.10.2020 Letter

Letter From Kofi Koranteng To EC

By Kofi Koranteng
Letter From Kofi Koranteng To EC
LISTEN OCT 25, 2020

Kofi Koranteng

PO Box 8642

Accra, North

Accra, Ghana

[email protected]

Chairperson Mrs Jean Adukwei Mensa

Electoral Commission - William Tubman Rd,

Accra, Ghana

October 22, 2020

Dear Mrs Chairperson Jean Mensa,

I am sending you this appeal letter as not only the Commissioner of the Electoral Commission but also as an attorney studied in law as well as a Ghanaian citizen who believes in a fair, free, honest democratic process.

I, Kofi Koranteng meet all the requirements to fulfil the role of President of Ghana, yet I have been disqualified from the ballot due to a clerical error. As a Presidential candidate covering the entire country, I like others must rely on the work of hired help to secure all the necessary signatures in each region. In every large-scale clerical operation errors can happen, as the EC recently learned while compiling the new voter register.

In the Kofi Koranteng campaign submissions to the EC, it was noted by the Commission that there were problems with signatures from the Western North Region. This problem existed for not only my Campaign but another. I would like to reiterate that the Kofi Koranteng campaign did not and would not perpetrate fraud, rather we were its victim by those who were paid to perform a job and did not do so. Obviously, the duplicate signatures were a concerted effort by the work of nefarious individuals in the North West Region which should not affect the democratic prospects of a Nation.

Just as the EC recently pleaded for time to correct the normal errors which accompany work performed under contract throughout the country, I and my campaign should be afforded the same benefit. It appeared that the Commissioners had decided that I would be allowed this time, however it was stopped mid process.

I am attaching the detailed series of events as recorded by the Kofi Koranteng Campaign for the period of October 8, 2020, through October 19, 2020. These events begin with a phone call from the EC to inform my campaign that there were problems with our paperwork and end abruptly without allowing us to submit the corrected verified paperwork.

I am appealing to you as the Electoral Commission Chairperson to set a standard of fair, open elections for all Ghanaians by accepting the Kofi Koranteng corrected paperwork and restore my candidacy to the December 7, 2020 Ballot. Thank you for your time and consideration in restoring the principles of democracy to Ghana.


Kofi Koranteng

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