Africa, An Especially Well Represented Continent At The 24 Hours For Climate

Africa, An Especially Well Represented Continent At The 24 Hours For Climate
LISTEN OCT 23, 2020

Eight African countries (Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, DRC, Gabon, Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Senegal) will participate this Friday, October 23, 2020 in the "24 Hours for Climate".

They will be part of the longest ever conference on climate actions and innovaLons taking place at Press Clubs and Press Houses around the world.

Each conference can be followed and viewed on The kick-off will be on 23 October, at 00.01 in Brussels (UTC+2).

ConsecuLve conferences will be held every hour from Tonga to Alaska via Asia, the African continent, Europe, and the Americas during 24 hours non-stop at press clubs around the world.

Elected to the presidency of the InternaLonal Press Clubs Associaton in 2018, the Press Club Brussels Europe has invited more than one hundred press clubs around the world, representing a membership of over 20,000 journalists, to join the World Press Clubs Alliance for Cli-mate.

This unprecedented event, dedicated to sharing solutions and best practices at the global level, is supported by the Brussels-Capital Region and by the European Commission. All fields of activity related to climate and ecological transiLon will be represented: mobility, energy, agriculture, waste management and reduction, biodiversity, circular and collaborative economy, etc. Visit for a detailed program of the topics and locaLons.

"This is a unique opportunity to strengthen Africa's environmental dynamic, by presenting remarkable and exemplary projects to a global audience. Climate change is a global challenge, which is why the European Union is teaming up with partner countries across the world to make the Green Deal a reality. We are therefore pleased to present eight innovative EU-funded projects in Africa during the "24 Hours for Climate" which range from protecting biodiversity to providing affordable green energy”, says the Press Club Director Laurent Bri-hay.

For more informaLon, please reach out to:

Press Club Brussels Europe asbl Rue Froissart 95, 1040 Brussels

The website of the World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate and the 24 Hours for Climate:

Founded in 2010, the Press Club Brussels Europe now has nearly 1200 members, mainly journalists, but also diplomats, European civil servants, and staff members of NGOs and trade as-sociaEons. Every year, the Club welcomes nearly 18,000 visitors parEcipaEng in more than 450 events. A partner of the European Commission for welcoming journalists visiting Brussels, the Press Club Brussels Europe is also the initiator of the ACP Press Clubs FederaEon and of the World Press Clubs Alliance for Climate.

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