23.10.2020 Diaspora (Germany)

NDC Has No Better Policy Direction On Okada

By NPP Germany
NDC Has No Better Policy Direction On Okada
LISTEN OCT 23, 2020

Let us not waste our breath on the NDC's attempt to legalise Okada. It is a clear instance of the so-called "whimsical promises" being made by John Mahama in order to sway and rob voters of their power to choose the right candidate in this elections.

It's very obvious that the most difficult thing to do on earth now is to defend the NDC and its policies. They do not understand what they intend to implement. Why do I say this? Recently they sold the Okada policy to Ghanaians as a way to help the poor and vulnerable to also afford transport.

Not long after that, Ghanaians came out to lash them for lying because the okada charges are exorbitant compared to trotro. In some cases, it is 500% higher than the trotro fares.

Now the running mate Jane Opoku Agyemang herself is finding it difficult to defend the policies she herself subscribe to and lead for it's implementation should they be voted. She said the Okada is the only means to travel on roads that are bumpy. Really!

This is the same woman at the helm of the Education Ministry when chalk and teaching materials were in short supply and the teacher trainee allowance was cancelled, she is soo short of ideas that she is nowhere remotely merited to be a Vice President of our Beloved Ghana 🇬🇭

The aim of your policy is to find means of travel on bumpy roads? What joy do you find in bumpy roads that your aim is not to tackle the roads but rather to introduce Okada in these travels.

Does that mean their administration is not ready to continue the massive road connections the NPP is building?

Simply put, the NDC doesn't deserve our vote. If their aim is not to mend and fix the roads but rather introduce Okada to ply on bumpy roads then they should remain in the Okada era; eternally in opposition. We want to move this country beyond mediocrity and pettiness.

The year of roads shall continue unabated. Road connections from urban communities to rural communities are being fixed and face lifted. That is the vision we seek and that is the vision of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.





God Bless Us All By The Grace.


Nana Boateng

NPP Germany Branch Communications Director.

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