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The World Ruler - Part 18

The World Ruler - Part 18
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What we must think of is how best to get rid of King Thomas and his team to take control of Ghana again and manage the affairs of the country. I mean how disgraceful was it that the powerhouses of the world allowed the new Kingdom of Ghana to emerge from the best Ghana had ever seen, the Fourth Republic of Ghana, Democracy at its best and with the best of the best leaders? Yes, it is true, Ghana does not see any more many people dying from flooding, yes it is true the indebtedness of the country stand close to zero, yes it is true the Cedis is very stable against the US Dollar, yes it is true many people have very good and stable, well-paid jobs, yes it is true Ghana is recognized as a modern society leading other nations once ahead of them, yes it is true Ghanaians are punctual and always observe time, yes it is true they work as a team and have overcome their selfishness, yes it is true their leaders are humble people, yes it is true hunger is no more in the system, yes it is true the good working social system has slowed down the numbers of Ghanaians and make many Experts return to their cities and towns to open business and trade with the rest of the world... ."

"What is wrong with you? Are you out of your mind?" was Denis Akoto shaking his head from left to right with might. "It seems that you want to praise these bastards, these evil white people and the countries that stand behind them. Are you mad?"

"Oh, I am deeply sorry," said Eric Donkor while getting up and walking up and down the room wondering what had come over him. "I was out of my mind for a few seconds and I do not know which powers have taken my mind over and made me talk utter rubbish. Friends," did he stand still and looked into the eyes of each of his friends gathered that looked at him with wondering eyes. "I apologize and regret my words. I told the truth, but the truth is not what we want and why we are here. So, let us all come down again and think well." Eric Donkor asked his first and his second wife to bring snaps and whiskey to the table while he pulled out some cannabis from behind the cupboard well hidden from any nosy mind. "Here, enjoy and let's think well of what we should do to get back our right as blacks to manage our affairs. Ghana and Africa are never for the white man, only for the black man no matter what!"

They passed the bottles from one friend to the next, drunk, and drunk, smoked cannabis and relaxed their minds. The sweet smell filled the air above their heads. The two wives wanted to open the windows for fresh air, but Eric Donkor shouted on them as outside the cold would sneak in and kill them as it was close to Christmas. In their part of London heavy snow had fallen during the past years due to climate change. In some rural areas of England and Scotland villages and towns were fighting off heavy snowfall with the help and equipment of the military forces the older generation had never experienced such needed intervention before. While the wives started to prepare the late evening meal assuming the meeting would last well until the next morning hours the German shepherd dog of Eric Donkor laid sleepy by his side.

"Adolf Hitler also loved his Shepard dog so much. He adored him!" referred Kwame Owusu to the long-gone past.

Eric Donkor looked at his Assistant and was stunned. For seconds he did not know how to respond, finally got his thoughts together and said: "Great men love dogs they do." He paused for a moment, finished his cannabis cigarette, emptied his glass of Whiskey and the one with Cognac, cleared his throat before saying: "Is King Thomas not always saying that we should learn from history?"

"Yes, that is what he is always asking his people to do!" mentioned Robert Akotoka with clouded eyes.

"Let us finish King Thomas off with his weapons!" suggested Eric Donkor smiling all over his face. He was over the moon to have seen a solution no one could ever fight against, that is what the thought.

"And how do you want to achieve that?" asked Robert Akotoka being very sceptical that anything could be done knowing the world would be against them and suspect all of them to stand behind any evil plan. He knew foreign Secret Services were spying on them constantly. Every group member was under observation around the clock.

"King Thomas thought by setting up special rules for his Kingdom this would make him look shine greatly in the eyes of our people...but it is his weak spot in the end!" answered Eric Donkor lifting his newly filled glass of Cognac with a third cannabis cigarette in his left hand lighted on. "He thinks he is so, so smart and opens a door for us to bring him down...that idiot, that bastard of a stupid, foolish old German woman."

"Which is?" was Kwame Owusu wondering what his boss was up to and what he saw before his clouded eyes. He got up to receive the silver tray from the second wife of his boss with sandwiches and snacks. "I cannot imagine what that could be." He sat down at the dg of the leather couch waiting eagerly to hear his boss speaking. He was the most loyal follower of his boss ready to give his life for him.

"You all know the rules of the new Kingdom of Ghana are a mosaic, a puzzle from what had existed in the world before, so nothing new, only in its combination unique. The King needs to be elected always by the people of Ghana and once the King dies or resigns a new King will be voted into power. Such a candidate must never ask any financial allowances from the state but be that rich before becoming King that he can even pay for expenses that come with the position to be the King of Ghana. We all know that this rule is intended to ensure the King is never corrupt but independent, a King for the people and not a King made by money he gets from...what we would call family and friend activities... ."

The room was filled with laughter and friends unable to hold their joy to themselves. Only the first wife of Eric Donkor standing at the door to the kitchen was not in the mood to laugh something her husband well noticed with anger. She had never accepted the idea of her husband to take a second wife. She had never asked her before he had married the younger woman with bigger breasts and hips like mountains. Tensions between the two wives emerged on daily basis. The first wife was ready to leave her husband but retracted from such an idea at the last minute knowing she would lose her house, the once he had bought for hearing nearby his residence.

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