There Won’t & Can’t Be Flawed Election, President Mahama Should Find Peace: “In God We Trust”

Feature Article There Wont  Cant Be Flawed Election, President Mahama Should Find Peace: In God We Trust
OCT 20, 2020 LISTEN

The title of this article is motivated by the National Slogan of the United State of America (USA) and the repeatedly warnings issued by former President Mahama over the possibility of electoral fraud, judging from the fraudulent maneuverings by the Electoral Commission.

In fact, if President Akufo Addo, a well-known nepotistic leader, had appointed the First Lady, his wife, Mommy Rebecca Akufo Addo, as the Commissioner of the Electoral Commission, Ghanaians would have been hopeful of a credible election than Jean Mensa whose name has become synonymous with “gerrymandering” and rigging in recent times. But can President Akufo Addo really rig the election with his beautiful EC Boss? We shall see how Shea butter would turn crude oil!

Hate them or like them, Uncle Sam (USA Government) as a world’s superpowers remains a “Global Dictator” albeit a benevolent one that is keeping and maintaining the balance between oppression and freedom of the world carried out by 419 leaders.

The recent Edo State Governorship election in Nigeria, between Pastor Osagie-Ize-Iyamu and Governor Godwin Obaseki, is a classic example that the United States of America, as exceptional powers with the hardest form of “Hard Power”, is indeed the King of the Free World. The victory of Godwin Obaseki in that potentially rigged-on-arrival Edo State governorship election, is a plus to the USA and its allies who “dictated” what would happen should that election be rigged. (I would tell you about it little later in this article).

Fellow Ghanaians, obviously, the trauma of the 2012 presidential election that was taken to the Supreme Court, is still tormenting president Akufo Addo. The man though acceded to the judgement of the Supreme Court, president Akufo claiming to be the most competent president cannot still after eight years fathom why the cumulative votes of presidential candidate Mahama could surpass that of the cumulative votes of his Members of Parliament in the 2012 general election! And for which reason then running mate Dr. Bawumia forged “serial numbers” and labeled them duplicated ones, was enough for the NPP to tag the entire electoral process in 2012 as being fraught with irregularities and demanded the annulment of that election in their favor, went to the Supreme Court.

After the general election in 2012, the results turned out that, president elect Mahama surpassed his MPs with additional five hundred thousand (500,000) votes. So, the most flawed argument and warped thought that were being arrived at by the then hungry and angry NPP was that, if president Mahama won the election with such a margin of error percentage gap, five hundred thousand “stolen votes” could have better served as a substantial buffer for him to winning the election. With fabricated data like his economic data after coming into power, then running mate Dr. Bawumia together with others, went to the Supreme Court to rob justice.

But the Supreme Court was very vigilant and discharged justice to the utter displeasure of many of these political vultures and hyenas who were determined to devour our resources and punish us in addition in the most wicked manner. It was refreshing when the Supreme Court upheld the victory of President Mahama. So, President Akufo Addo seems restlessly desperate to retaliate this defeat at the Court.

It is important fellow Ghanaians appreciate that the reasons for the NPP under Akufo Addo went to the Supreme Court after that most credible election in our history, were more of sinister motives than justice or for the rule of law. Perhaps, one, it was to, inter-alia, stole the mandate of Ghanaians if the Supreme Court could not be vigilant and stand its grounds; two, NPP intended to paralyze the economy by creating a fear pandemic to purposely scare-crow away foreign potential investors including already investor companies in the country plus the indigenous businesses. They knew they had no case.

Why on earth would any aspiring candidate to lead people do such a thing to the people in order to cast aspersions on the pristine image of another leader, is the greatest question of the century Ghanaians must ask themselves. Unprincipled and unrestrained access to cash of the nation?

Fellow Ghanaians, the two main reasons why President Mahama’s cumulative votes surpassed that of the cumulative votes of his Members of Parliaments, were one: the fact that he was a new candidate to Ghanaians. Appearing on the ballot paper for the first time made him presentable electorally than his MPs majority of whom were incumbent. Their incumbency as MPs having spent four years since 2008 general elections made many of them unpopular to the electorates. So, whilst an NDC sympathizer in Tamale Central for instance, could unquestionably vote for president Mahama as a new presidential candidate, Hon. Inusah Fuseini who had been there since 2004, was voted against. As a result, Skirt and Blouse voting took place leading to many votes for the presidential candidate and lesser votes for the parliamentary candidate. This was mainly what happened. President Mahama did not engage in anything untoward in that election.

The second reason was the fact that president Mahama’s boss’s untimely death made many Ghanaians sympathized with the then vice president Mahama.

However, the body language of president Akufo Addo suggests he is prepared to subject president Mahama to similar ordeal he went through during the Supreme Court election hearing in 2012, considering his handling of matters of the elections as Commander-in-Chief of the Ghana armed forces. In fact, in recent times, the president has debased himself to become rather a Defender-in-Chief of the Electoral Commission with the sole aim to rigging the election. Meanwhile, already, the Supreme Court is littered with new appointees of the president. And we are all aware of the famous Ghanaian dictum that, “you do not bite the finger that bites you”.

Although I have an air of supreme confidence in our judicial system, but under president Akufo Addo, virtually no government institution is allowed to function independently. And as we read in the Federalist No. 78, Alexander Hamilton said that the Judiciary branch of government is the weakest of the three branches because it had "no influence over either the ‘sword’ or the ‘purse’, ...It may truly be said to have neither FORCE nor WILL, but merely judgment." Again, quoting Montesquieu, Hamilton said that, “Of the three powers, the judiciary is next to nothing."

Nevertheless, the Battle remains the Lord’s! President Akufo Addo would leave Ghana as he met it. In shaa Allah. In his speech during the enskinment of the new Ya Na, Ndan Yaa Naa Abubakari Mahama II, president Akufo Addo quoted a verse from the Holy Qur’an in Sura (Chapter) Aale Imran, where Allah (God in English, Nyame in Akan, Nawuni in Dagbani, Mawu in Ewe etc.) says Sovereignty (rulership, leadership etc.) belongs to only Him and He gives it to whom He wills and takes from whom He wills”. Thus, “Say (O Muhammad), ‘O God, Owner of Sovereignty. You grant sovereignty to whom You will, and You strip sovereignty from whom you will. You honor whom you will, and You humiliate whom you will. In Your hand is all goodness. You are Capable of all things. You merge the night into the day, and You merge the day into the night; and you bring the living out of the dead, and You bring the dead out of the living; and You provide for whom you will without measure.” Qur’an 3:26-27

Fellow Ghanaians, president Akufo agreed that it is God who gives “Sovereignty” and no amount of “kululu” and “Kalebule” can assist him or anybody to grant themselves Sovereignty, in any way, if God says no! And by the grace of God, our cries and groans of the brutal leadership of president Akufo Addo would not go in vain. The good Lord would listen to our endless wails; He would choose for us a lesser evil in this election. President Mahama is that subsidized “evil” and less likely “leadership headache” in this election. Let president Akufo Addo appoint the First Lady, Madam Rebecca Akufo Addo as his Electoral Commissioner, defeat is still his inseparable companion in the upcoming polls! In Shaa Alla.

The difference between President Mahama and President Akufo Addo is that, President Akufo Addo wants to use corner-cutting method to achieving development. President Mahama wants to use the right method of first paying the price before the prize to attaining development. In order words, Akufo Addo is a “Gambler” and Mahama is an “Investor”. Think!

Moving forward, aside the God-factor in this election, there won’t and can’t be flawed election result and president Akufo Addo would lose, because the exceptional powers and leader of the Free World is watching, albeit from afar, over our nascent democracy! Uncle Sam (USA Government) won’t sit aloof for one man to destroy us!

This may surprise you but if I tell you something is a male be rest assured; I am holding its genitals as evidence in my hands. Exactly last month, those of us who were uninvited monitors and observers of the Edo State Governorship election were astonished to the bone when Mr. Godwin Obaseki, the current governor, won a second term against all odds despite the Federal Government’s political actors’ disdain for his victory. The election could not be rigged by the ruling APC under Buhari because, the USA imposed Visa Ban on Election Riggers – the Vanguard reported.

What happened was that, Governor Obaseki was the Economic Management Team (EMT) Chairman to Adam Oshiomle as governor of Edo State from 2007 to 2015. Adam Oshiomle is said to have destroyed the menace of political Godfatherism in that State when he forced his way to win against an established political Godfather in 2007. When he ended his tenure in 2015, he supported his former Chairman of EMT (Obaseki) to win against Ize-Iyamu. Ize-Iyamu was contesting on the ticket of the PDP, and Obaseki contested on the ticket of the ruling APC supported by Adam Oshiomle.

However, things went awry between Adams Oshiomle and Godwin Obaseki when the latter became the governor. The rumor mill had it that Adam wanted to now institutionalize the political Godfatherism he fought against when he was aspiring for the governor of Edo State with himself now as the new political Godfather of the State, a move the new Governor (Obaseki) did not pander to. Meanwhile, Oshiomle became the ruling APC party’s National Chairman so he got Obaseki out of the APC. Obaseki then joined the PDP, and Pastor Osagie Iza-Iyamu also left PDP for APC supported by Oshiomle against his former EMT Chairman Obaseki who won his first term as Governor on the ticket of the ruling APC in 2015 against Iza-Iyamu who also ran on the ticket of the PDP. With such a turn of events, there was no way Governor Obaseki could win again on the ticket of a different political party (PDP) without the inference of the ruling APC to rig the election.

However, Uncle Sam gave a warning from Washington DC, the Department of State, and the election became the most credible in Nigeria’s history.

Fellow Ghanaians, Ghana being a major democracy in Africa, Uncle Sam won’t watch one man to trample upon the freedom of Ghanaians and threatening lives. I do not know what “Washington” would issue to Ghana, but it would be more threatening than Imposition of Visa Ban should Akufo Addo attempt to rig the election after his four years of disgraceful and distasteful leadership.

Long Live Ghana,

Long Live Uncle Sam,

“In God We Trust”.

Abdul Hakeem Iddrisu

(The Young Prof.)

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