19.10.2020 Editorial

Editorial: Security Mischief On Overdrive

John Mahama
LISTEN OCT 19, 2020
John Mahama

Only those who seek to benefit from the negative fallouts from lying about national security issues would engage in this pastime.

Their tendentious aim is to throw spanners into the National Security system and hang it.

Those who do so are selfish because for them their parochial interests outweigh the national interest.

In the past few weeks, the NDC has gone overdrive with mendacious utterances about various segments of the national security.

What might baffle those who do not understand the party is why when they have been at the helm of the nation before they would nonetheless throw caution to the dogs and make outrageous utterances that seek to create fear and panic.

They would not mind when the country they claim to be theirs burns.

Ghana should burn when majority of Ghanaians deny them power at the polls is a project they have up their sleeves.

That is why they would lie about 4,000 weapons being taken out of the state armouries for distribution as they claim to vigilantes.

Most Ghanaians would not buy this claim knowing what the leadership of the ruling NPP is made of.

While the NDC can boast of a violent pedigree as the former president once did, the NPP has none to fall on safe good governance.

Contemporary history of the country with particular reference to the AFRC and the PNDC juntas, not forgetting the illegal occurrences under the NDC, is replete with violent footnotes.

Those who have engaged in such dangerous and illegal weapon movement from armouries of the military and the police before think their successors could do that too with power in their hands. Such illegalities belong to the NDC verifiable records available as evidence.

Ghanaians have cause to trust their law enforcement system to protect them regardless of occasional shortcomings even as the NDC seeks to deny them of their integrity.

The swiftness with which suspects in the murder of the Mfantseman MP were arrested and the arrest of robbers of a Lashibi Bank in Accra are feathers in the cap of our police.

Unfortunately, former President John Mahama does not have confidence in the police to police the ballot boxes on December 7.

The Police Service which served him when he was president has not changed; its integrity remaining intact. The NDC, he said, would police the ballot boxes on December 7 because he hardly trusts their capability. For the NDC to police ballot boxes, for us, is a recipe for chaos; the picture the former president and the NDC would relish on election day. Unfortunately, he would not have it because Ghanaians appreciate the 'sweetness' of peace and would turn their backs on warmongers no matter who they are.

The first time that non-state actors were donning police uniforms was under an NDC regime not under the NPP.

It is irresponsible, therefore, when the opposition party makes such outrageous claims about police uniforms being removed from their quartermaster locations for non-police functions.

The project of painting a picture of a security breakdown with an NDC brush has fallen flat because the President as Commander-In-Chief is in charge.

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