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18.10.2020 Feature Article

The World Ruler - Part 16

The World Ruler - Part 16
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"We are under immense pressure, much pressure so that my original plan had to be adapted to the fast pace of our world. So, we put force on people and make them change by force while at the same time show them a better world they will be honoured with when they change their thinking. The call for change is only effective when you present to people physically and visibly the consequences of a better world. They must see, must feel, and smell the better tomorrow. When you do that people are ready to follow you and sacrifice their lives for that better tomorrow. You must not run short but a marathon and endure all the shame and blame game that comes with such a development, Sir. Ghanaians are truly too stubborn people...but in the end, I am hopeful we reach to the other side of darkness into the bright light of a Ghana God has made and decided this county them. I am so pleased and relieved that the old powerhouses of the world like America, Europe, China, Russia and so on had finally concluded their original strategy was not working for them and the rest of the world, so a new approach had to be undertaken even it if they knew they would lose their well-established political and economic as well as cultural power to the African continent."

"And so only the new Kingdom of Ghana with an elected King as its head would bring about the better Ghana as you laid out, right?"

"A better Ghana...and a better world," shock King Thomas the hand of Director Hamilton French, got in his car, the door close behind him and he was driven off to his next appointment. He felt tiredness in his bones having missed his afternoon sleep. It was his daily routine to wake up each morning at four at dawn, exercise, taking his bath and breakfast before his children and wife would want to talk to him. He did not need much sleep, four or maximum six hours were enough for him as he preferred few power naps in between his busy schedule. Working from home he saved a lot of time which made him very productive. Many of his staff members had to turn up by the latest of seven o´clock to start the working day something that had taken some of them by surprise, but they had gotten used to it. On his desk, a clock visible from four sides were ticking and telling each staff member to be short and on point in their presentation of their work not wasting the time of King Thomas who had much to do. After lunch, King Thomas would close the bedroom door behind him for about thirty minutes with absolute silence needed in the house. After his power nap, he took a short shower to refresh his body and mind. It was his daily routine each time he had a problem to solve and did not know the answer right on the sport he would kneel, sit in prayer, ask for guidance and after the shower the next morning the answer would quite naturally stand before his eyes and jump into his ears. He had learnt never to question that moment and its answer but perform on it.

Justice Minister Abdul Abadi with Minister for Economy Lian Xi sitting beside him declared the conference on money laundering as closed smiling and saying: "Dear colleagues from around the world. This seven days of interactions in various smaller workgroups and the plenum sessions have reached its target. We all have successfully signed the new rules and regulations on how we all want to stop the misuse of electronic money transmission between our countries. Mister Xi and I we are very confident that the new measures agreed during our conference will stand the test of time. We are all aware this will not be the last such conference but there will be more to come as we go along and see the counter-reactions of the bad guys in our global financial system. We have all assured us that the banking system in our societies needs to be monitored even more closely than in the past and that we as Governments cannot be blackmailed by any international operating back saying to us they are relevant for the stability of our economic and political system. What was a successful strategy in the past and threatened many governments around the world does no longer stand modern times? The rules and regulations signed today to allow all of us to go deeper into the decision-making process of our banks and see at an early stage where and when the system will be misused for money laundering. Yes, we still have a great job to do when we meet again to ensure that any dirty money will be not able to be washed via buying of properties, machinery and alike. As we are all aware this will be one of our greatest challenges to target such cases and bring an end to it. I call on all of you to consult with your national experts on this issue and discuss ways how best we can go about it. We have established a common internet platform on which we will constantly share our ideas and insights into this matter to come to better solutions over time. But as for this conference, we here in Ghana are very pleased and I was asked to send you the best wishes of King Thomas and our Prime Minister Mawuena Trebarh. Both send you off back to your countries with their blessings and appreciate your coming to Ghana...the great Financial Hub in Africa!"

All Ministers and their team members go up and clapped for minutes while visibly happy about the outcome of seven hard days of work. While packing their laptops and files they greeted each other on their way out of the conference hall wishing to meet again very soon face to face.

Minister Abdul Abadi asked his colleague Minister Lian Xi to join him in private in a small meeting room to discuss few issues ahead of the new Kingdom of Ghana and Africa at large. He started to state: "You know the oil revenues we once enjoyed here in Ghana and our brothers and sisters in Nigeria and Ivory Coast are diminishing. We can no longer rely on that money as we also see the wells dry out in a few years. Here in the region, we are faced with the increase of people, too many people that want to live and live a good life on top of it. When I look and see the statistics that show the increase of our population even we have all worked hard on implementing a well working social system...but we all know it takes time for our people to see finally the benefit of our initiatives. That is a great burden indeed on our soldiers."

"Sometimes, my good friend, I want to cry...simply cry and pull my bedsheet over my whole body and stay away from any such question," confessed Minister Lian Xi his sentiments and emotions. "Sometimes I have the feeling what we have put ourselves into is too much to bear and carry on our humble shoulders. We must make miracles work for an ever-increased population while our own countries expect from us something that is beyond any human`s strength, to make the round shape square and keep the right balance. Honestly speaking...."

"Yes, dear Lian...please be honest to me," challenged Minister Abdul Abadi and looked with great concern into the tired eyes of Minister Lian Xi.

"We are all only human beings and the workload before us in the limited time we have to make a change...sometimes I just want to run away and rest in my own be honest," explained Minister Lian Xi himself. "In the back of my mind, I always have the unanswered question what would happen...."

"About what?" asked Minister Abdul Abadi ignoring his cup of coffee to focus entirely on a man with deep dark shadows on his face.

"When we fail and do not get our mission off the ground completely as all people here and around the world expect from us...," looked Minister Lian Xi in the eyes of his friend asking for help with his looks.

"We will be crashed in history and the misery of Africa will get worse...that is what you want to say?" know Minister Abdul Abadi the mind of his fellow Minister.

"When we fail...we will be crushed, the evil spirits will take a stronger grip on Africa, our critics back home will put us to shame and indeed things will get worse for hundreds of more years for the African continent and the rest of the world."

"We cannot fail as we are not meant to fail...never," did Minister Abdul Abadi all his best to convince his colleague that everything will work out for good. "History does not allow us to fail. History is not about us but about itself, in other words, what is meant to happen in time at the right time with belief in people´s minds and hearts, that one will surely come to pass. Even our job seems for a humble single human being something that can never be achieved, yet it is possible for the one who believes and knows the trumpets and bells of history. History is not a game, not a joke...but a plan. everything that is supposed to happen, will happen. When a man is assassinated who has a great mission to accomplish, no problem...history will be delayed and generations later another man will be born to complete a job once uncompleted. History can never be stopped, only be delayed."

"You sound to have learnt something from the Christian Pastors in our as a Muslim!" laughed Minister Lian Xi his head off while looking more relaxed with shining eyes.

"Now churches are less but more qualified than during the Fourth Republic. During that dark times of Ghana`s history churches were more in the system than numbers of Ghanaians born."

Minister Lian Xi responded while taking his cup of coffee into his hand toasting to his colleague and said: "The dark times are over...and indeed there are better churches now in our Kingdom of Ghana...and Pastors are no longer lambasting about each other but always stay focused on their mandate given by their God."

"You are so, so right my dear friend...this country has truly come from down under, from far and is no in much better shape...."

"Thanks to us!"

"Thanks to us all, in the new government, the new Kingdom of Ghana, the people willing to follow our instructions and our own countries that we come from, each of us individually. I am sure we all feel from time to time pressure from our societies back home to make sure they are the first in line when it comes to the love of the new World Ruler. Each of our nations is most certainly aware of the past and how they had performed and related to us during the dark days of our country Ghana. Based on that we know what we have to do, and we see the queue of nations right before our very own eyes...and know which nations come first, second, third and which one last. The once that was clever and smart enough during the dark days of the fourth Republic of Ghana to position themselves well in their relationship with it is the time for them to benefit from their trust they demonstrated in us and friendship with us. Anything you do reacts over time. When you do good over a long period it pays off for a long time in the future. Life is that simple," looked Minister Abdul Abadi out of the window reaching down to the tiled floor of the meeting room seeing red and yellow flowers outside shining bright enlightening his heart and soul. He turned back to Minister Lian Xi and pronounced: "I love to live, and I love my work...this is a wonderful place to be!"

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