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18.10.2020 Feature Article

The World Ruler - Part 13

The World Ruler - Part 13
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Minister Abdul Abadi smiled with great wisdom in his eyes and said: "When it comes to your society, most certainly yes. But you must consider our society here and the level our people operate on currently. What we have seen is an increased change in the attitude of our people. They are more and more stop gossiping for nothing, tell the truth more and more, concentrate on their own business and not the love affairs and sins of others. Fake news is still in the system, but we have managed to bring their numbers down and people behind bars for that matter. Yes, nothing in this world is ever perfect...but as mentioned, we have achieved something positive. All of us in the cabinet are hopeful that over time, I assume the coming generation, we do not need such strict laws anymore...for me, that would be a great achievement of us indeed. So, let us continue from where we have started and see more positive news coming."

"Please Sir, enlighten us about the reforms of your justice system especially with a focus on the judges and the quality regulations you have put into place," asked Indian Justice Minister Indra Singh.

Minister Abdul Abadi looked at his colleague from another continent asking himself how best to explain their new justice system for his listeners to understand correctly. Most certainly would they have fundamental problems to understand the new innovative way to achieve fairness in a society for all and started to lecture while holding his cup of hot tea with milk in one hand, a piece of chocolate cake in the other: "We sat down for months and asked ourselves what can we do to bring quality into our society in all social aspects. Our justice system as part of the service apparatus of our society was one area we had to look into. After studying the justice system closely and its inefficiency we also came across the aspect of our judges, not only the one anyone with power and money was able to bribe and get the judgement wanted...not, also our honest judges with a good heart and intention for our people. Soon did we realize that we have many quality programs in place in our society, in the industry, in teaching and education, even in politics by the decision of the electorate, even in churches when the numbers of church members diminish and churchgoers stay away from their former church. But one area of our society we did not implement any quality check, no control, that is the justice system. When I was sixteen, I attended a court hearing. At the end the State Prosecutor and Lawyer pleaded not guilty to the judge, a judge that sentences the poor mane for two years in prison, most certainly a case for revision and appeal and subsequently released by the higher court...but that man had to spend time in prison until his final judgement had been passed onto him. I will never forget that moment in my life and was always having an innovative idea on my mind. Each judgement gets points...I admit a complicated system...but possible for which reason we use it here...and at the end of two years a panel of fellow judges and assigned citizens and representatives of civic organizations look into the scores of judges and when they discover the score is not in the spectrum of what can be accepted, they will sit with that individual judge in a session and confront him with his score. They look into the matter and decide together the way forward. After another two years, if still no positive change has been achieved, the judge will be removed from office for good. With this system, we ensure the independence of our justice system which is essential and vital to our society, yet we ensure that quality is served to our people by people in such a high and important position of our society."

"This you need to explain more," mentioned James Young with doubts in his voice.

"This would take a few days of lecturing but let me saw a few aspects. Each judgement delivered will not be marked on the individual circumstances but on principles as the length of the case, how many witnesses were heart, the costs involved and most of all how many cases, in the end, will be taken to a higher court for appeal and in that higher court will be thrown out and the defendant will be released. This system helps us to monitor the efficiency and correctness of our justice system while at the same time honour and protect the independence of the judges. We are simply of the belief that any aspects of our society must submit itself under quality checks and no area can be left out only because that area seems to be special. Even our fourth power, the Press, is under a quality check by its listeners or readers and potentially ending up in a courtroom." He paused for a few moments and looked around into the puzzled faces of his colleagues from different parts of the world unable to share his sentiments and ideas. "We believe as a society we sit all in only one boat in a nation together and have to fix the shortcomings of parts of our society always, with no expectations. This point system, as complicated as it might look like, has served our country, the Kingdom of Ghana, very well during the past years and everyone is happy with it. The opposition we faced at the beginning is no more there, gone for good." He paused again seeing that his colleague was unable to gather their thoughts and argue against him before he started to lecture them by saying: "Our judges even must have a professional liability insurance policy like accountants, doctors and others have. Up to the time of the new Kingdom of Ghana the standard was that once someone wrongly was sentenced to prison that person got compensation for the time spent behind bars just like in your societies. The money for that came from the state, therefore the nation...but the problem was caused in the first place by a judge or a panel of judges and not the state as such. Therefore, it is unjust and unfair to put the financial and moral burden on the nation rather put it on the shoulders of the once having delivered a wrong judgement. Of course, at first many said that this would be impossible for them to do, the risk of service would be too high. Oh, we had many tears in this Kingdom about this issues, many words were spoken, many heated debates crossed the test of time as in the end the majority of our judges stayed and the new once for them it is part of their service to the Kingdom of Ghana. In the end, this rule was leading us to a justice system in which people are less found in prison being eventually innocent. I can ask my Assistant to provide you with a chart that clearly states that and I wish your societies would see the benefit of our modern justice system also for your societies and implement a far fairer and better justice system for your people."

James Young laughed his head off and predicted: "Our people...I know them so well, Sir. But for them to accept anything good that comes from Africa to benefit them...gosh, this will not happen in a thousand years. And something so innovative and so I can agree with what you people here in Ghana are doing...that is truly remarkable...but my people...and the judges." He lowered his voice. "Our judges would oppose such an innovative idea that they would threaten us, people, to collapse the system. I hear their voices in my head already. They love to preserve what they know best and are not able to move a bit from their daily routine...not a single bit. They rather step down from office and walk home that they would ever accept anything so good that comes from Ghana, from Africa for that matter. Remember our slave past and how we still do not treat our blacks equal...gosh, how could anyone believe that something so great coming from Africa would be accepted in our society...not in my life-time and not beyond, Sir."

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