Killings: Prioritise Security For MPs, Top Officials And Ordinary Citizens- Activist To Government

Feature Article Killings: Prioritise Security For MPs, Top Officials And Ordinary Citizens- Activist To Government
OCT 13, 2020 LISTEN

Ghana is fast becoming synonymous with violent crime; we have recorded a high incidence of robbery and contract killings. This is not a pleasant development. Women, politicians, youth, to executives, Traditional rulers and business tycoons, academia, private citizens and ordinary Ghana have all been brutally slain
Sadly, the story of the murder of top executives dominates the news headlines, with that of the ordinary Ghanaian been reported at the community and family level. In the wake of the gruesome killing of the Mfantseman MP (Late Hon. Ekow Kwansah Hayford), the debate for the parliamentarians to have police protections has rekindled. While we are calling for the protection of our Members of Parliament (MPs), especially that we can count two disturbing incidences of the killing of JB Danquah and the latest ben Hon. Ekow Kwansah Hayford, it must be acknowledged that the life of all matter and so security should be prioritized to protect all Ghanaian citizens devoid of their social standing; for we all live once in a lifetime.
We must not pretend from the glaring fact that, a lot of violent crimes is arousing from the fact that there is a collapse in social and economic conditions, where most of the youth are now engaged in robbery activities. High profile robbery is taking the center stage and the security set up in the country is becoming a handicap. Crimes are becoming sophisticated and our security intelligence appears to be defeated.
One would pounder why our security could not make a breakthrough in the wake of killings to get perpetrated on gruesome murder and contract killings. We still have a lot of unattended murder or killings in Ghana. From Issah Mobile (Northern Region CPP Chairman) to Ahmed Hussain- Suale (Associate with Anas Aremeyaw Anas); Adam Mahama (NPP Chairman of Upper East Region) to Major Maxwell Mahama (Military Officer); Fenenc Okyere (head of MadTime Entertainment) to Josephine Asante (Tema Port Public Affairs Boss); Joseph Miihaai Jakperuk (GWCL Boss) to Nana Faduor (Otumfuo's Asamponahene), and JB Danquah Adu (Abuakwa North MP) to now Ekow Kwansah Hayford (Mfantseman MP).
Other high profile murder includes; Mark Ofori (NPP treasure- Western Region); the Takoradi Girls; the headteacher of Asiakwa Salvation Army Basic School in the Eastern Region; the pounding of Gomoa Chief to death; the murder of Daffima Bussie Issa NDC chairman; the Murder of Pusiga NDC treasurer; and many other disturbing killings.
One would not be far from right to say Ghana is a failing state! Because Ghana cannot provide enough security to protect her citizenry. A country that cannot create decent opportunities for the youth to be economically empowered. A country that has politicised all state institutions. What else is there to pride ourselves from. We are living in a state of anarchy.
As a matter of emergency, the government must adequately invest in security- intelligence service. This will help the appropriate security setup develop an adequate capacity for dealing with modern crimes. The use of advanced technology and huge investment in professional training coupled with the depoliticisation of the security agencies will help in combating crimes.
We must invest in e- crime-fighting as well as create a buoyant economy through good governance, devoid of corruption and build an inclusive society to help keep crime abbey, or else young men would continue to blog our roads and snuff the lives of our politicians, ordinary citizens, market women, and all road users. We need to make Ghana work again so young people would not go hungry and come after all of us.
Author; Tahiru Lukman
Youth Activist, Dev't Consultant & Pan- African Author
Email: [email protected]

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