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All Africa Online Christian Leaders Conference: About 10, 000 Men Of God To Connect

By Fredrick Tetteh
All Africa Online Christian Leaders Conference: About 10, 000 Men Of God To Connect
LISTEN OCT 13, 2020

Over the past few months, Christian ministers who perceive the changes which have occurred in the society to be a stepping stone and an opportunity for worldwide evangelization have gathered their hearts to commence an On-line Conference from continent to continent.

The one day conference which played host to over 7,500 men and women of God became the talk of the town in the Latin Americas. It’s the turn of Africa to bring this blessing to the Christian corridors of the British Central continent. Dated 15th October, 2020, it’s estimated that the above programme will host over 10, 000 participating ministers of God from all parts of Africa including Ghana.

Themed “LETS GO BACK TO THE BIBLE”, the programme is expected to drum home the mystery behind the eternal forgiveness of sins as demonstrated in the book of Romans Chapter 3:23-24. The above virtual gathering which is coming at no cost is been prepared by the CHRISTIAN LEADERS FELLOWSHIP (CLF) and supported by its branch member countries in Africa.

Rev. Dr. Ock Soo Park who is the special guest of Honor shall dwell on the true forgiveness of sins and the new life that emanates from there. Rev. Ock Soo Park has ministered for the past 60 years with the motto: ‘With the Gospel to the ends of the earth, with the Lord to the last.’ He is the most renowned gospel preacher of this age preaching more than three times a day, 1200 times a year. In his meetings with 29 Heads of States of 23 countries, he has had face to face interactions 51times and opened the bible to share the word of God with them. Rev. Park established Christian Leaders Fellowship in 2017 for the ministers of this age for the purpose of spreading the gospel everywhere.

Pastor Daniel Toro/ Santa Cruz El Shadai Church, Bolivia had this to say after joining the Latin America episode;

The words I heard this evening have been a great blessing to my life and my ministry. Today, I am very grateful to share the Gospel with Good News Mission and listen to the words of Pastor Ock Soo Park, a servant of God. While listening to the lecturer's words today, I am very grateful. I was able to understand how I could be saved from my sins. I have known these words from before, but I still lived by confessing to forgive my sins. I did not find the comfort of God in my life, and in fact There was condemnation, but this evening in Leviticus 4, I heard the words of bringing a lamb to sacrifice and cleansing of sins, which was a shadow, and then the true image, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, Christ entered the tabernacle in heaven, the Bible says, we are the most filthy people and enemies of God, but by the precious blood of Jesus we have all become holy people, with all the pastors here, Park, I am very grateful to be able to listen to the pastor's words, and I would like to continue to listen to and learn from CLF and the word of God and go forward together. Thank you."

This Christian Leaders Fellowship programme is a rare opportunity for ministers to reminisce the meaning of ‘LETS GO BACK TO THE BIBLE’ through specially prepared lectures, testimonies, fellowship etc. It is a time for all Christians and Christian leaders from all countries in Africa to return to calling on the name of God.

The essence of the theme’ LETS GO BACK TO THE BIBLE’ is to blow the new life of the gospel to families, churches and the entire society. It is a call on the entire Christianity to return to the true church which conveys the blessings of God to all mankind.

This On-line conference can be watched through Facebook, Youtube, on GBS TV Ghana and will be translated simultaneously into 3 other languages namely English French and Portuguese. For further details, you can freely join through this link for registration....... and also visit our CLF homepage ( ) or call Christian Leaders Fellowship Ghana Branch Office (+233243211580).

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