12.10.2020 Feature Article

Hon Ekow Quansah Hayford too is gone

Hon Ekow Quansah HayfordHon Ekow Quansah Hayford
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I wrote an article with the title “Nana Addo is weak in protecting Ghanaians” on October 5. 2020. It was published by many news outlets and almost all the people who insulted me because of that article, are NPP folks who thought I was writing against the government of Nana Addo. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hon. Ekow Hayford, his driver or their family member was one of those who insulted me.

Within one week of exposing the defense weakness of Nana Addo and getting insults from the NPP, an NPP Member of Parliament for Mfantseman, Hon. Ekow Quansah Hayford is dead. He was killed by armed robbers because they said politicians are the cause of all the hardships in Ghana. When we say the hardships under Nana Addo is unprecedented, they say we are doing propaganda.

Hon. Alan Kyeremanteng said the planting for food and jobs have created 140,000 jobs but if you ask him how many armed robbers his government has created, I don’t think you will have an answer, unless the 140,000 jobs includes armed robbery.

In my article last week, I asked for the whereabouts of the cases involving Hon. JD Danquah-Adu, the 3 Takoradi girls, Ahmed Suale, the GHAPOHA Executive, Major Mahama, Prof Benneh and all the high level killings under Nana Addo.

I heard Nana said he was shocked at the death of Hon. Ekow Hayford and called on the police to work hard and bring the killers to face the law. Does the President not know that when it comes to protecting Ghanaians, his government is the most reckless of all? He has 125 Ministers out of which 10 are in-charge of protecting Ghanaians.

The President should tell us the whereabouts of the cases of those I have mentioned above before he adds a new one. The hard truth is that Hon. Ekow Quansah Hayford has been killed and nothing new will come out of the investigation, so long as Nana Addo is the President. At best, they will arrest some innocent guys and leave them after some months of wasting their time.

As you read this article with Nana Addo as your President, he can’t guarantee your safety for the next week or two, and when you are killed, don’t expect any justice for your family. This is another hard truth.

The next election is on December 7. John Mahama protected you from 2012 to 2016 with just 2 ministers in-charge of protecting you. You lived happily and could tell your wife/husband with confidence that she/he will see you after work. That confidence is gone under Nana Addo, even though he is using 10 ministers to do the same work.

Please restore that hope and confidence by voting for John Mahama and the NDC on December 7. If Hon. Ekow Hayford and his family had voted for John Mahama in 2016, he would have been alive by now. Please don’t insult me because elections have consequences. Aba no, Mahama afa.

Lawrence Appiah-Osei

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