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The World Ruler - Part 7

The World Ruler - Part 7
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King Thomas had to rush off to be on time for his next encounter with people to serve and serve well. It was his style not to be too late as he wanted to show his respect to the people he served smiling in secret when thinking of the old black leaders that once in power and office thought of themselves to be above the people once voted them into office. In such contemplating moments, moments of reflection, he saw the TV report before his very own eyes of late Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa sitting in a dining hall with his wife ready to eat. He had been invited by his successor, President Mbeki, to a state dinner in honour of the greatest man in the latest history of his country, a man that had suffered for his nation in prison for twenty-seven years, a great man with great moral standards. Forty-five minutes into the gathering President Mbeki appeared and while passing by former President Nelson Mandela the great hero of South Africa and a truly great moral leader to the world said openly clearly to hear for the microphone around him that his behaviour of coming too late is only when a black man becomes President and think he is something better than the rest of the people that had voted him into office. His face had turned angry as the TV report had clearly recorded, a hero visibly disappointed by his own people and their performance of power being in power."

"I recall that video and was shocked myself, Mr Thomas," looked Seth Addo jr his King into the eyes, greeted him good-bye and expressed his hopes he would return in not too long distant future.

Jean Rousseau, Energy Minister, born near Marseille in France, had set out for a tour to the north of Ghana inspecting two recently build solar parks with the latest technology to make the production of harvesting the energy of the sun more efficient and setting an improved distribution network to minimize the loss of produced power while on its way to industrial and private consumers. His eyes were pleased while walking around the projects financed by private investors for a period of twenty-five years after which the projects would be state assets of Ghana with no cost to the nation to purchase the equipment.

He looked around and was pleased saying with pride in his heart, a clear voice to speak the words of wisdom: "No one launched this million Dollar projects, you people simply opened it and made it work. If we would be a black government, a whole story would hit the news. The President and Ministers and Government Officials and what have you not would have come here, wasted patrol, wasted time, wasted precious taxpayers’ money while not being in their offices and do the right things. Cars would move and money wasted on the miles they used for such a useless trip only later to say that it was their idea and their intervention to make Ghanaians happy for which reason they deserve to be voted for again next time at the General Election time...what nonsense, what a disgrace to mother Ghana. But as we are a cabinet with mostly white people and only a few Africans we have not come here for launching and be praised, only to see what we can learn from you experts by seeing your great works so that we can improve on our decision and the process that leads to our decisions. You teach me what I need to know so that I can perform better every day."

Charles Ansare smiled at the Minister and looked around the project through the lines of erected solar panels saying: "You are absolutely right, Mr Roussau, we black have a serious mentality issue. I am so happy to see my people at KNUST University, I mean how hard they were working to come up with this improved technology that can easily compete in the international market. What their minds have thought and produced is for the next five to eight years the world standard. No other country has something quite like this here. This makes me so, so proud to be a Ghanaian."

"Have you already started to export to China, Japan, Russia, Europe or USA?" asked Minister Jean Rousseau sitting in the office of the project enjoying a freshly brewed coffee and muffins made by Charles Ansare`s wife the night before.

"We have already shipped some to China and Japan and have signed delivery contracts with the USA and Europe that should happen in the next two months, the shipment of equipment I mean," smiled Charles Ansare and everyone in the room could feel in his heart how proud and happy he was about the results of hard work and the name Ghana had made for itself on the international market as a country not only to receive and import more than exporting but to be a global player and in many fields technology leader, a country to be counted on and be always aware of.

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