08.10.2020 Public Statement

People’s Democratic League Condemn Brutal Executions Of Pro-Democracy Activists In Egypt

08.10.2020 LISTEN
By People's Democratic League

The Egyptian government on Sunday 4th October, executed Yasser Al-Abasiri, 49, and Yasser Shukur, 45, who had been detained during protests against the 2013 military coup that deposed the country’s freely and democratically elected President, Mohammad Morsi (who died in prison custody in Cairo). The number of those executed in the North African nation has increased to 351 since the brutal coup in 2013.

The Egyptian government has sentenced nearly 900 people to death for attending pro-democracy protests. General Sisi seized power in a bloody coup in 2013, in which over 800 Egyptians were killed. Egypt has been moving fast to execute detainees, with President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi supervising this heinous crime and crime against humanity. The General Sisi dictatorship uses terrorism as a pretext to silence any perceived opposition.

It is entirely unacceptable that people are actually killed because of their political beliefs and political association. The exercise of constitutional rights and democratic freedoms, including freedom of expression, assembly, association, movement, press, and the right to multiparty elections, are fundamental rights. These fundamental rights belong to every individual, be it in Brazil, Colombia or Egypt. They are precious gifts endowed to every person by God Almighty.

Nevertheless, regardless of this truth, the Egyptian fascist regime of blood-soaked dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has carried out summary trials to expeditiously sentence prodemocracy leaders to try to intimidate and silence other prodemocracy activists n Egypt, while the world turns deaf ears to the deteriorating situation in the North African nation.

The oppressive Egyptian regime has attempted to suppress the will of its own people on fabricated charges, accusing pro-democracy activists for belonging to the democratic opposition. With this draconian measure, the fascist regime in Cairo has tried to silence the inherent right of individuals to freedom.

The People’s Democratic League (PDL) vehemently denounces these actions. These sentences and brutal executions of pro-democracy activists in Egypt, which are an example of the dependency of the judiciary branch on the will of General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, further call into question the legitimacy of Sisi’s regime. We condemn the illegitimacy of the Egyptian judiciary system, and the Egyptian government.

Disgusted by the crudeness of the General Sis’s regime’s repression, we call on the United Nations Security Council to shoulder its responsibility towards the people of Egypt and other oppressed humankind, to halt the Egyptian regime’s brutalities and the death penalty against political activists and dissidents, and to reconsider the minimum standards of human rights and freedoms, stipulated in international conventions and agreements.


Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh

Founder, Leader and Chairman

The People’s Democratic League (PDL)

For and on behalf of members and supporters of the People’s Democratic League (PDL)

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