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Election 2020: Don’t Try To Subvert The Will Of Ghanaians – Mahama Warns EC

Election 2020: Don’t Try To Subvert The Will Of Ghanaians – Mahama Warns EC
LISTEN OCT 7, 2020

Former President John Dramani Mahama has issued a stern warning to the Electoral Commission never to attempt to rig the December 7 elections.

He said no institution, including the Electoral Commission (EC) should try to subvert the will of Ghanaians in the upcoming elections.

Speaking at the launch of the party’s election 2020 national campaign at Sefwi Wiawso in the Western North Region, John Mahama said the NDC will actively monitor the elections and related processes to ensure that nothing untoward happens.

“We are determined and the Electoral Commission and no institution and anybody can or should try to subvert the will of the Ghanaian people. We have had the concerns to draw the Commission’s attention to the many instances of infractions and actions that have not satisfied us,” he said.

The former President also said the NDC will police ballots from the constituency to the national level in a bid to ensure that no vote is unaccounted for.

“While we are expecting the Electoral Commission will live above reproach, I want to assure you all, that the NDC is very well-prepared, and we will police the ballots from all polling stations through the constituencies to the regional and finally to the national coalition centre,” Mr. Mahama added.

John Mahama, who is seeking re-election said the Nana Akufo-Addo administration has worsened Ghana’s economic fortunes.

He said, while his government was able to increase Ghana’s GDP by over $40 billion within four years, the Akufo-Addo government has increased it by only $4 billion since 2017.

He further indicated that Ghanaians, particularly supporters of the NDC must see the 2020 election as a battle for the country’s future and so must work to vote the NDC government into power “like our lives depend upon it.”

“This is our battle for Ghana’s future. Let’s embrace it, like our lives depend on it because Ghana deserved to be in a better place where everyone has the chance to thrive and prosper. We will rescue our country,” John Mahama added.

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