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Sometimes Trump Gets It Right

Sometimes Trump Gets It Right
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Donald Trump is living proof that you don’t have to be intelligent to be a billionaire. You just need a rich daddy and to be completely dishonest.

With all the stupidity and lies we hear from Trump sometimes he gets it right. In this rare case what he said at the UN regarding China and COVID19 was pretty spot on.

In December of 2019 authorities in China knew about this new virus killing people. The doctors who had publicized this threat were threatened and forced to publically recant their warnings.

Later one of the doctors who lead the way in exposing this danger was infected with COVID19 and expired.

It wasn't very long before China began locking down the country to various extents. Travel was restricted throughout China and residents in the epicenter of Wuhan completely quarantined.

All domestic flights and trains in China were suspended.

Yet China did NOT suspend flights leaving the country. Thousands of ex-pats and Chinese citizens flew out of China and spread this dangerous virus internationally.

Why did the Chinese authorities lock down their own country yet allowed potential hosts of this disease to leave China in their thousands?

This flies in the face of basic disease control and allowed a nationally based epidemic to become an international pandemic that will eventually kill maybe two million people or more.

China has almost completely controlled COVID19 in their country and if they had suspended all international flights when they imposed their national lockdown the world today would most likely be free from


Donald Trump pretty much said all this in his prerecorded address to the UN General Assembly. After all his lies and stupidity for once, Trump got it right.

Thomas C. Mountain is a historian and educator living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. Reach him at thomascmountain at gmail dotcom.

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