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01.10.2020 Editorial

They’ll Fail We Shall Triumph

By Daily Guide
They’ll Fail We Shall Triumph
LISTEN OCT 1, 2020

A good leader does not show weakness in the face of aggression or mischief. He shows stoicism and deals decisively when this becomes necessary as in the situation in which we find ourselves today.

We have many political mischief-makers doing all they can to derail this year's polls the forecast not good for them.

One of the stories in this edition is about President Akufo-Addo as it were calling the bluff of those who think by their design and action they would be able to create trouble and even scuttle the December polls.

Any such attempt would be an affront to the life of the state for which all the powers of the nation should be brought to bear upon the perpetrators no matter who they are.

The good and able Commander-In-Chief that he is, President Akufo-Addo did not mince words when he promised to crush whoever is involved in actions which have the potential of derailing this year's elections.

Those who are harbouring such evil intentions and are lurking in the corners must be ready to face the consequences of their anti-state activities. The inference in the President's words is that there are persons in this country who intend plunging the nation into turmoil, thereby making it impossible for elections to be held in December.

Such persons are already doing things which cannot be favourable for the conduct of the elections. The good thing, however, is that there is no way they can succeed.

We have reached a political milestone where there is no turning back from our set goals as a nation. They would be fooling themselves if they think that by their actions of raising the temperature of the nation Ghanaians would not vote when the time is due.

Vote shall we undertake in December to elect a leader and this is in tandem with the Constitution.

The same Constitution gives the Commander-In-Chief to use the state's protective agencies to crush troublemakers whose illegal engagements if not stopped can feed into their diabolic project of not only scuttling the polls but create a scene of instability which is inimical to the investment climate.

With the element of surprise now lost, they are only tickling themselves and laughing when they think that they can turn the country upside down.

The preference of Ghanaians for peace and tranquility is palpable. This is a commitment shared by the security agents as well who would respond to any act of aggression from any quarters.

The prevalence of democratic values in the country allows for all to speak their minds and to seek the votes of the people but within the confines of the law and, of course, decorum. The mischief-makers are, however, unable to live up to the tenets of decorum because that has never been part of their DNA.

When they make all manner of remarks to shore up their political fortunes, they should remember that discerning people will make their own deductions and take appropriate decisions when they go to the polls. They may decide to ignore the warning and continue on the diabolic tangent but the December 7 polls will tell.

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