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DFP's 2008 Shocker

DFP's 2008 Shocker
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The Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) is mapping up a strategy that will shock the two leading political parties in the country, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) come 2008 general elections.

Mr. Bede Ziedeng, a leading member of the party told ADM that, even though, the party has registered its existence to Ghanaians, they should expect more on what it stands for and why it is the best alternative for Ghanaians.

"We are dealing with the electorate looking for a viable alternative, after they have gone through the rule of the NDC and the NPP. So the business of the DFP is to let Ghanaians know that there is alternate party to the NDC and the NPP, and that, that party is capable of improving upon their condition and welfare", Mr Ziedeng said adding "government upon government have failed to champion the course of the ordinary Ghanaian."

He said the party has been on the quiet on a number of issues, but he was not specific on those issues. He assured Ghanaians that those issues that do more harm to the development and progress of the nation, would not repeat themselves when the DFP comes to power.

"What we want to do is to get our final certificate as a political party and officially launch the party. After this, our ultimate objective is that we are determined to contest the 2008 elections and win the elections. And that is the reason why we are in politics." The leading member of DFP however said hopefully: "With all things been equal, we would get the certificate sometime next week".

Mr Ziedeng, who was the former acting General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress - the largest opposition party in Ghana - said because the DFP is yet to receive certificate to operate fully as a political party, it is unlikely for it to go to congress this year to elect a presidential candidate, but said, this would not affect its performance in 2008.

Asked how different would the DFP government be from that of the NDC and the NPP when it wins power, he said: "First and foremost we are concerned about issues, issues affecting the welfare of the people of this country, the issue of living condition of the people of this country, issue of development and how we can progress as a nation. We are not going to be dealing with the politics of insult, denigration, acrimony. We are presenting a new face and image of politics to the people of this country".

On the issue of possible alliance with any other political party, as the NDC had earlier expressed the interest of entering into a coalition with other parties including the DFP, he simply said: "A political party has to be formed, inaugurated, and run as a political party and take decisions which are fundamental. And this is a fundamental question it is too early".

This is what Mr Ziedeng gave as the DFP's message to Ghanaians: "We want to present Ghanaians with a new face and image of politics by ensuring that politics is conducted with absolute decency and decorum, respecting each other's view, by dealing only with issues.

We will concentrate our attention on dealing with issues. If we concentrate our attention on discussing issues, we would be able to find the solutions to the problems of this country and that is the type of politics we want to play. In doing so we shall respect the views and opinions of every Ghanaian, particularly if it is constructive and productive, it doesn't matter where it is coming from".

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