28.09.2020 Feature Article

BRAVO! Ghana Catholic Bishops' Conference

BRAVO! Ghana Catholic Bishops' Conference
LISTEN SEP 28, 2020

It is said that 'the only thing that helps evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing'. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to say BRAVO! to the Ghana Catholic Bishops' Conference for intervening on behalf of all those who cannot find their names in the provisional voters' register that the EC presented for exhibition.

Fortunately, the EC has taken into consideration the Ghana Catholic Bishops' Conference's timely intervention into consideration and therefore, has increased the exhibition period from eight (8 ) days to ten ( 10 ) days.

As we thank the EC for listening to wise counsel this time around, I would like to bring to its notice that the two days that it has added are woefully inadequate, considering the unprecedented anomalies in the said register.

I do not think Ghana is in hurry to go somewhere, hence let's give ourselves enough time to ratify and sanitize the new voters' register to the satisfaction of all Ghanaians, more especially, the various political parties that we have.

I personally think that it is better for us to take our time to do a good job than to rush to do a very poor job that can easily plunge our dear and only country Ghana into chaos and anarchy that nobody wants.

After all, laws are made for human beings and not human beings for laws.

If proper ratification and sanitization of the new voters' register will lead to postponement of the stipulated date for the election 2020, so be it.

As I congratulate the Ghana Catholic Bishops' Conference for its timely intervention, I would like to appeal to the said Conference and also urge them to spearheaded an emergency Conference of all the leadership of Natural House of Chiefs, National Peace Council, Christian Council, Council of State, the very serious and prominent Civil Society Organizations, the Ruling Government as well as the leadership of the Western Togoland Agitators, if any, to have a very serious dialogue on the Western Togoland issue, so as to bring lasting solution to the disturbing problems at hand. The arrest of some of the agitators alone will never help us to continue to enjoy our peace.

The way things are going, I do not think it is good and wise enough to allow the Ruling Government to solve the Western Togoland problems alone.

As a nation, let us all do everything possible to make sure that the Volta Region is completely free from heavy military presence and disturbances that can force many voltarians to run away from the Volta Region or prevent the voltarians in the region from casting their votes in peace and freedom during the election 2020.

If we all look on for the Volta Region to be destabilized by a few people or thrown into upheavals by a few people for their own parochial interest, it will not benefit anybody, all of us may suffer for it one way or the other some day.

By Rev. Fr. Ignatius James Yaw Amponsah

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