It Is Not A Time For Grief, It Is A Revelation Time

Feature Article It Is Not A Time For Grief, It Is A Revelation Time
SEP 28, 2020 LISTEN

My heading may sound more theological even though I am deficient in the subject of theology, I decided on it as a vehicle to drum home a message I think is important to you and I. pardon me, if I am not able to espouse theologically.

As young men and women, we face challenges day in, day out, to the extent that we get frightened to explore the world of possibility.

First of all, we do complain of neglect, frustrations, disappointment, hardships, and other issues that have much to do with our sentiments. In most cases, people see these are things that should not happen in their lives. They grieve over these things, sometimes get sick, give up on their dreams, and sometimes, others go to the extreme of committing suicide.

Let me not exonerate myself in this. There are times I find it very difficult managing disappointment, betrayal, accusations, and hatred from others. I have also heard people ask what they can do to recover from such distressing dispositions. Today, an antidote is found and I believe it can work for many of us.

Our ability to handle problems is part of our growth. Our inability to overcome them may leave us in a certain irrecoverable bizarre situation. Even responsible leaders spend a lot of time thinking about how to overcome challenges. This is because the very day problems will fail to exist, will be the very day leadership will not be needed. I personally do not even believe that there will ever be a time without problems. They are like hurdles we must overcome at every stage. This should and must be the mindset of every young person of our time.

We are in a very complex world. The era of technology and globalization is an era of young people who can think, rethink, strategize and re-strategize. Unfortunately, we often get busy, pursuing what will make us happy. Most of us want to be happy all the time. Today, by inspiration, I think otherwise and wish to argue forcefully that to feel comfortable and joyous all the time, is a limitation on your cognitive abilities. It is stepping out of the comfort zone that exposes you to the real nature of life.

Many of us do not consider having time for ourselves to renew our thoughts. We consider having time to work, party and do other things. Getting disappointed, betrayed, frustrated, neglected, and dejected, naturally present to us a golden period of rejuvenation. It is mostly a period to sit alone, reflect, introspect, and think critically. It is done without any particular order.

Just try to view the world, present situations, and why they are happening now. This is always a period of revelations. Ideas that come out are not only philosophical but pragmatic and life-changing. The best philosophers in the world were people who enjoyed thinking alone and constructing unlimited thoughts. Why should we then complain about loneliness?

That is the time God gives to each and every one. It is mostly the time God wants to talk to us, give us fresh ideas, and show us the way. It may be the period God wants to use you the “whats and hows”. It may be the period, God wants to help you accomplish your dream. Instead of using that period to grieve and contemplate suicide, let us believe that it is a sacred time to nourish our thoughts and rejuvenate our hopes and dreams.

Every changing circumstance comes with emotions. Emotions can either destroy us or develop us beyond expectations. All depends on how we manage a crisis period. If you see that period as a period for renewal, you may be breaking through.

For me, the best articles I have written before, are those I wrote while I was alone and tried to picture the world to contribute to the progress of society. Even when I am with friends and that inspiration comes upon me to think and put something together, I isolate and listen to that invisible but thunderous voice. At that moment when I put paper to pen, on same, I produce fantastic work. There are also instances I write without inspiration and the feedback is always different.

I have read an article “Tough Times Never last, But Tough People Do” written by a famous motivational speaker and preacher, Robert Schuller. This material will let you know that the most successful people on earth today, are people who turned problems to successes. Challenging situations will always emerge but how we handle the challenges determines our when we get to. I recommend that particular article for my readers.

From today, see friends who avoid you as vehicles for progress. They might have avoided you because you are “broke” and becomes a burden to them, but they are indirectly making you rich and successful if you appreciate the circumstances in your isolated corner. The same people will return to you after you have made a step ahead of them.

Continue to be a fighter. Fight every situation with a positive mind. The impossibilities will be turned to possibilities.

Let us continue to push, we can…

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Denis Andaban

The village Boy from DBI

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