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27.09.2020 Opinion

The “John Mahama” Mobile App-Did He Get It Right?

By David Harlson
The “John Mahama” Mobile App-Did He Get It Right?
LISTEN SEP 27, 2020

Last month a colleague told me about a "John Mahama" mobile app she has chanced upon. She asked me to search for it on the App Store and I did.

I was not only impressed with the design and the features but how political parties have adopted the use of technology especially mobile applications in political campaigns especially in the COVID 19 era where it is difficult to organize huge political rallies.

I am very familiar with the use of Facebook, YouTube and other social media websites, but for a mobile app dedicated to a political campaign in Ghana means that we have gone far as a country.

As a Technology enthusiast, I decided to "spend" some time with the "John Mahama" App by testing the features, analyzing and assessing it.

Yes! it was very easy to locate the App. All I did was to search for the name "John Mahama" on the Appstore and it popped up. It is available on Google Playstore and Apple's Appstore. I immediately downloaded it.

What I saw after opening it was a total package and a one-stop-shop of everything John Mahama.

I saw a link to his personal website, a Watch Live button, the Manifesto, Photo Gallery, information about his running mate, Professor Jane Naana, Social Media Channels of John Mahama, Videos, Testimonials, how to contact John Mahama, The Green Book, How to Volunteer for JM and many other interesting features.

My favourite so far is the Watch Live button, an impressive innovation that allows you to watch his live events on the go. I was able to follow several of his events live on the app. Even when I forgot to, I received a notification on the app informing me about the events for the day.

The Push Notification tool on the app is an effective feature to keep the citizens connected with the app. By sending regular notifications/announcements about events or activities of JM to be held near voter location can help in an appreciable voter turnout at the event. This feature is very cool and allows for an effective dissemination of political campaign messages.

Another important part of the John Mahama App is the fact that you can have access to very important documents of the party, that is, the Green Book and the Manifesto.

You are also privileged to find current photos and video of the former President's activities on the go. This is also very important for not just party faithful but also journalists who want to report on his activities and get the right high-quality photos of him.

With a tap of a button, you are with him on all his social media channels as well as read his posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and his website. You will never miss a thing if you have the App. All you have to do is tap on a button.

To make an informed decision about who John Mahama is, there's also a testimonial button where people have shared personal testimonies about the man.

It is a common scene that every citizen has some alarming issues that are of express concern to them. Through the mobile app you can get the voter base to convey their problems and burning issues with you and the Contact JM feature on the App I believe is supposed to do that even though I am not sure if he would get the time to read the mails or if the mails go straight to him.

But I think that it's an important feature on the App that would tell the world how opened and transparent he is and ready to listen to the ordinary person. I will suggest that his handlers discuss with him some of the content in these emails. This will enhance his campaign messages.

If you have forgotten when the 2020 elections would be held, then have no worries, there is a countdown feature on the App.

Every political party requires volunteers who can devote their time for helping grow campaigns and for me, the Volunteer for JM feature is a strategic tool on the App. I do not know the reason for this feature but if it is well used, it can be a tool for the collection of data which can be used to rally support for the man. This tool collects data including, region, constituency, phone number, gender, email and your name.

It is important to harness the power of connecting with volunteers through a mobile app - the greater number of volunteers the better your chances of spreading your political agenda to your constituents and ensuring success for your political campaign. Allowing them to register through the mobile app will make it easier for them to campaign for you.

It is also an avenue to send campaign messages to these people and encourage them to spread these messages to their constituents, family and families. A lot can be achieved from this.

To conclude I think the John Mahama App is a fantastic political campaign tool but I wish to suggest that they include an audio category, his speeches from the time he was president to date, a donation button for people who want to support his campaign and massive publicity for it.

Generally, I think the “John Mahama” App Got It Right!

David Harlson

[email protected]

The Author is a Ghanaian based in the UK. He is a Technology Enthusiast and a reviewer for several technology websites that publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, podcasts, and videos on technology globally.

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