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Extend Voter Exhibition Exercise To Bring Back Register For Us To Check Our Names — Binduri Residents

Extend Voter Exhibition Exercise To Bring Back Register For Us To Check Our Names — Binduri Residents
LISTEN SEP 28, 2020

Voters in the Binduri constituency of the Upper East Region are calling on the Electoral Commission for an extension of the just ended voter exhibition exercise to enable them check their names.

The angry youth say the extension of the exercise will enable them and the EC to restore their names and make the register available for them to check their names before the December elections.

This follows the 23 out of 80 polling station registers in the constituency which either had no names or several names missing.

ModernGhana news reported on Friday, September 18 the massive missing of names in the affected centres in the constituency.

The District and Regional Directors of the Electoral Commission admitted the errors and promised to fix it.

On Saturday September 26 ModernGhana news checks revealed that the missing registers and errors were corrected and areas without registers were provided.

At Zawse primary school centre where 14 out of 403 voters were captured on the register, all have been restored except few registrants who could not find their names in the register.

A resident Edward Ayaaba, poured his frustration after his name and one other lady was not found in the register at Zawse primary school on Saturday.

According to him, he and the lady were asked to go to the district office of the EC in Binduri for ratification. He told this reporter that they got there and their names were still not found and were further asked to come later.

At Tempielim Deeper Life Church centre, all the 428 missing names have been restored.

As at the time of ModernGhana News visited the centre, 80 registrants had checked their names.

At the Tempielim Primary School centre, the 391 out of 523 voters whose names were missing have all been restored. As at the time of our visit 100 had checked their names.

At Bawk-Sapeliga centre where 359 out of 363 voters were missing, our independent check revealed that all have been restored.

At the Narang-Saago primary school centre where all 444 names were missing, none was restored.

Voters whose names are still not restored are appealing to the EC to extend the date of the exhibition in those affected centres to enable them check their names.

Atubugri Simon Atule
Atubugri Simon Atule

Upper East Regional Correspondent Page: AtubugriSimonAtule

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