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26.09.2020 Feature Article

Our Homeland Ghana Will Remain A Constitutional-Unitary-Republic, Till the Very End Of Time

Our Homeland Ghana Will Remain A Constitutional-Unitary-Republic, Till the Very End Of Time
LISTEN SEP 26, 2020

This is no time for apportioning blame, for what has just happened, in Juapong, and elsewhere, in that part of our homeland Ghana, fellow Ghanaians. Whatever we do, cool heads must prevail. For now. Definitely.

Playing the blame-game, is, and, will be, counter-productive, and pointless. Obviously, in the fullness of time we will demand answers, from all those, who were appointed in good faith, by our current leader, President Akufo-Addo, to ensure the safety of our Republic. For sure.

The question is: How should we now proceed, in dealing once, and for all, with the moronic, unhinged-and-foolhardy-individuals, being manipulated by unseen-dark-forces, working both inside and outside our borders, to create the false impression globally, that Ghana no longer remains a peaceful-investment-destination, and politically stable haven, in an increasingly troubled West African sub-region?

Above all, let us always remember that we must never forget that ours is a united nation, of diverse-ethnicity, bonded together by ties of marriage, and consanquinity, as one aspirational and peaceful African people, with a common destiny. And so will it remain till the very end of time - but we must constantly work to ensure that. Always. Cool.

We are, thank heavens, an aspirational and mostly hardworking African people, in a nation that is transforming itself, dramatically, into an increasingly prosperous society - despite the many constraints it faces. If we are patriotic and remain committed to serving our nation with all our minds and hearts, no one can halt our journey to all-inclusive-prosperity. Ever.

To deal effectively with those bent on treasonable-conduct, we must all put aside party-political-pariochialism - at a juncture of our history, perforce, we must all rally round the government of the day, as patriotic citizens, who love Mother Ghana passionately - and give our wholehearted support, to all those who are charged with ensuring the safety of our Republic. For now.

Let us share useful creative-ideas, with them, about how we can deal effectively, with the fools who still want to toy with our destiny, as a united nation of diverse-ethnicity bonded together, as one people.

That refreshing development, was made possible, by the solid foundation laid after independence, by the imaginative and non-tribalistic policies, of the Convention People's Party (CPP) government of President Nkrumah, which made us coexist peacefully, as an all-embracing cultural-melting-pot-society, peopled by a united African people, sharing a common destiny. United, those nation-wreckers, can neither derail our development, nor tear us apart as nationalistic and patriotic Ghanaian citizens - in whom sovereignty resides: under our system.

Ours will always remain such a nation - the current nonsense-on-bamboo-stilts in Juapong, and eslewhere, in that part of our country, notwithstanding - till the very end of time. May God Almighty bless, guide and protect Mother Ghana, always. Cool.

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