07.10.2006 General News

Prevent leakage of confidential documents

The Chief of Staff and Minister of Presidential Affairs, Mr Kwadwo Okyere MpianiThe Chief of Staff and Minister of Presidential Affairs, Mr Kwadwo Okyere Mpiani
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The Chief of Staff and Minister of Presidential Affairs, Mr Kwadwo Okyere Mpiani has called on chief directors to act diligently to prevent the leakage of confidential government documents.

He said the Oaths of Office and Secrecy sworn by the directors impose on them the responsibility that public records in their organizations are fully protected at all times.

“We must prevent the situation where citizens and the public can openly boast of being in possession of confidential government materials. This does not augur well for your high office,” he said.

Mr Mpiani made the call after new chief directors appointed to various ministries and Regional Coordinating Councils had sworn the Oath of Office and the Oath of Secrecy administered by Mr Justice R.T. Aninakwa, a Supreme Court Judge.

The occasion also saw the formal presentation of certificates and appointment letters to the 30 chief directors, who undertook a three-week course in leadership at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), to sharpen their skills.

The three-week course tackled training modules like: "Leadership and Strategic Management," "Decision making and Problem Solving, "Public Policy Formulation and Management," "Managing the Environment," and "Communication Skills."

Mr Mpiani urged the chief directors to be politically neutral and attend to the discharge of their duties professionally to ensure that the suspicion between civil servants and their political colleagues is removed.

He asked the chief directors to bring to bear their professional advice and evolve strategies to re-orient the provision of public services in a manner that would eliminate poverty and empower the disadvantaged communities in the country.

Mr Mpiani commended plans to establish a Committee of Chief Directors to be chaired by the Head of the Civil Service and other sub-committees to consider issues of national importance, saying the arrangement would undoubtedly enhance the quality and timeliness of public policy making.

The Head of the Civil Service, Mr Joe Issachar, reminded the chief directors that it is not just enough to be promoted to a formal position of power and authority but how that position is used to introduce changes to impact on the lives of others is paramount.

The Rector of GIMPA, Professor Stephen Adei said clear understanding of the roles of the ministers, chief directors and special assistants would enhance working relationship.

“Where there is a clear vision for the Ministry and the three see themselves as a necessary complementary parts of a leadership tripod with the minister as the head, the chief director providing leadership, technical and bureaucratic support to achieve the ministry's agenda and special assistants as gatekeepers to manage the personal and political agenda of ministers, things work. Otherwise there is confusion”.

Prof. Adei underscored GIMPA's continuous commitment to support in building the capacity of the Civil Service. The Accelerated Training Programme for the leadership of the Civil Service targets the training of 600 senior level staff of the Civil Service and is being organised by the Ministry of Public Sector Reform in collaboration with the Office of the Head of Civil Service and GIMPA.

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