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Ghanaians Will Be Among The 10 Happiest People On Earth In 10 Years

Ghanaians Will Be Among The 10 Happiest People On Earth In 10 Years
LISTEN SEP 23, 2020

Recently, a paper published in the indicated that Ghana is the largest producer of gold in Africa. But though this good news is the real truth about a rich Gold deposit, there is also other available information which shows that the country is very likely not receiving its fair share of wealth from gold exports.

While this unfortunate matter is being investigated by other external forces such as the USA, the activities of the Dubai-based gold trader and refiner, Kaloti Jewellery Group that is Ghana's trade partner has been closed without any action.

However, the investigation has unfolded that some Ghana gold exporters received part of the multi-billion-dollar payments made by Kaloti and other businesses to companies and individuals around the world. This new leak of confidential documents has been made apparent because of the strenuous effort put in by the United States Department of Treasury. Again here these exporters from Ghana, however, have not been cited for misconduct.

It will interest many Ghanaians that the five gold exporters in Ghana that have been mentioned in connection with these highly apprehensive dealings with businesses with Ghana government that includes Kaloti, had transferred of funds within the gold industry amounting to $2.8 billion. These have not been accounted for by the government.

But these are the things that President Nana Akuffo-Addo and his Vice President Dr. Bawumia have resolved to put an end to it. Following the mechanisms governing some of the rich resourceful countries in the northern hemisphere, they have adopted what has been termed the Agyapa deal so that funds from this potentially rich nation could not divert into wrong accounts by corrupt politicians that have preceded their government.

There is ample evidence that the experienced politicians of this well-to-do NPP party that includes the Yale University graduate, Kennedy Ofori-Atta, the nation will be geared toward success and prosperity. This time the party members know that it will be a big mistake to play with the power and through their negligence allow the destroyers to come to power so soon.

With the following developments and policies in place, Ghana will be counted in the future as members of those nations in the world that appreciate to live in their own country and support their government at home. The following will make Ghanaians one of the ten nations that reckon to be happy in the world. Some of these indicators have already been implemented, and the remaining ones are already been concluded. The President has already appointed committees to see it that they are implemented as soon as possible:

1. Free SHS

2. Access to student loans to study at a University of choice without a guarantor.

3. National Health Insurance

4. Unemployment insurance

5. Welfare for Cocoa farmers and pension schemes.

6. Rationalization of fair prices of tickets when all the Trotros have been banned from the big cities.

7. National Identification Card.

8. School Feeding Programme

9. Agyapa deal

Of course not individuals, but some Regions are going to be richer than others (e.g. read about Norway and Sweden) because of the manner they diligently exploit the resources in their areas (minerals, cocoa, and oil) and the ability they have to gather and improvise other taxes. Some regions such as the Volta region, despite their aggressive manner of wanting to lead the nation by their politicians, have virtually NOT developed their local economy in that part of the world. It is sad when you consider the fact that this is a region where water is available to be utilized for modern irrigation. The freshwater from the Volta Lake entering the sea at Kpone could be harnessed for major development in the area.

As Ghanaians become members of those that feel satisfied to be on this earth, they may have to combat discrimination that is going on in other parts of Africa. For instance, in the Republic of Togo even though the Ewe people are the majority, a smaller group that migrated from Nigeria somewhere along the line who are known as the Kable folk has monopolized power away from the Ewe majority. Ironically, the little Ewe group in Ghana are claiming to be independent of mother Ghana. God knows whether another minority will not come again from a neighboring country to oppress them as it is happening in the Republic of Togo!


The following are marks of a well-cultured society. Ghanaians have to adapt to the use of these same institutions that have helped the United Kingdom and Germany to have developed their environments well the last 500 years ago.

The authorities must ponder on these factors which can help them to be considered well cultured in the world:

1. Take care of canals and fence them with concrete and stones.

2. Plant good trees to provide shades and ventilation for the city dwellers.

3. Build swimming pools for workers and pensioners to swim and relax during breaks.

4. Provide Sculptures and Statues to be admired and enjoyed in your cities by citizens.

5. Concert halls and theatres to be enjoyed and raise spirits.

6. City Libraries for readers, students, pensioners, and politicians.

7. Other essential activities to entertain those not in active duties such as Cafe, Restaurants, Bars, Cinemas, Boat Kryssning, or tour on the seas.

8. They take village life in the woods very essential because that is where they experience immense relaxation after hectic hustle in the cities.


Apart from the introduction of Free SHS by the present government and the emergence of student loans for University students, politicians should carry out the message of a good development of reading habits.

The larger part of wisdom inhabits books. Not in what a person sees or hears. These could not protect our forefathers from selling their brothers and sisters. So if one is an SHS graduate, University graduate, or a newly sworn-in politician and one does not cultivate the habit of reading, one will still largely remain ignorant in many things. Lack of reading seems to be a disease not only among Black Americans but also among Africans in many countries. One great scholar described why blacks have not developed as whites to be lack reading to gain knowledge because wisdom in larger parts is hidden in books not what one acquires from being in the church services or sees around.

It will surprise you to discover that many gentlemen and women call themselves politicians but these do not read political journals, fiction, newspapers, and books that will make them sharp in their professions as politicians.

As an opposition member, it does not mean an individual should always say something negative about what the ruling government suggests or brings out. That is not the description of being in opposition. It seems many renowned politicians do understand the word, its meaning, and overall response of how to behave as an opposition member. People always have something to say about what is being suggested. They do not offer constructive criticisms about the case on the board for discussion. Rather than opening a person's mouth to oppose, one should be able to admit when something suggested is good for the community at the same time that one should be able to provide positive criticisms to imply the other way round.

Organize training and educative conferences for the novice politician are the usual manners they could shun the behavior of saying all the time negative things about what the ruling government comes out with that sometimes people do not comprehend in the first place.

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