05.10.2006 General News

Gays Demostrate Against Ghana

By daily guide
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A group of homosexuals in Seoul, South Korea, Ouagadougou and Burkina Faso, were said to have held separate demonstrations against the government of Ghana. Reports reaching newsmen say Ghana's missions in Seoul and Ouagadougou received separate reports of the intentions of the group on September 14, and 15, 2006.

About twenty gay activists were said to have met in Seoul, while four met in the Burkinabe Capital, calling for the boycott of made in Ghana goods and tourists destinations, because of the “refusal of Government of Ghana to permit the holding of an international conference of Gays and Lesbians in Accra at the end of September 2006.”

The reports, which were intercepted by D. Guide, exclusively stated, “The Korea Police has informed the Embassy that a group of homosexuals and lesbians or “gay” people had planned to demonstrate against Ghana by holding a protest near the Chancery on Friday, September 15, 2006.

The police indicated that the demonstration would be contained by them at about two hundred (200) metres away from the Chancery.” The Korea Police also promised that the group would compromise of about 20 persons and therefore its demonstration would not affect the work of the Chancery.

And from Burkina, it was related in a press release to the media that a group calling itself the RAELIAN Movement in Burkina Faso – a pseudo-religious movement with Jewish links, indicated its intention to demonstrate and hand over a note to Ghana's Ambassador.

“Following the decision by the Government of Ghana to ban an International Gays and Lesbians Conference scheduled for Accra towards the end of September 2006, the RAEL spiritual leader and founder of the Rael International Movement, invites its numerous members, all gays and lesbians the world over, all those who champion the cause of human rights and wish to see fundamental human rights respected on this planet, to boycott every “Made In Ghana” good and wipe off Ghana completely from their map of tourist destinations,” the group stated, adding, “The decision not to permit the proposed Gays and Lesbians Conference to take place is a discriminatory and unacceptable decision that needs to be denounced.

According to the group, the Ghanaian authorities must be reminded that homosexuality in all forms was a form of sexuality recognized and freely practiced before colonization, and even named in many African languages, in many African countries.

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