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21.09.2020 Feature Article

We Don’t Need To Celebrate Nkrumah, What We Need To Do Is To Practice Nkrumah!

We Don’t Need To Celebrate Nkrumah, What We Need To Do Is To Practice Nkrumah!
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Everywhere every time, the name of Nkrumah is mentioned. Followed next are his legacies. Some lecturers never cease to teach Nkrumaism in universities. Countries upon countries continue to celebrate him.

The people of South Africa continue to have memories of Nelson Mandel. So too do other African countries continue to recall their heroic ancestors who helped put them in the state they are. But Nkrumah is celebrated yearly and quarterly in many African countries by almost every African. This spells out what kind of figure he was.

Enough is enough! Let’s stop the bountiful celebrations we mount every time and begin to think like him and (them). It is about time we stopped the celebrations and went into our inner rooms and began to think out side the universe, calling on the ancestors to give us the good mindsets they had for our countries.

It is time for you and me to think Nkrumah and practice Nkrumah. Look, it is one thing celebrating your mother’s birthday anniversary and it is another putting smiles on your mother’s face by doing what your mother wishes she would have done if she had the energy. This is what mothers are proud of when we do them.

What can Nkrumah boast of when every fingerprint he left on Africa and on Ghana, in particular, has been cleaned with acids? The many factories he constructed you have destroyed them. Do you still think you have the gust to celebrate a man whose vision and mission for Ghana and Africa you have destroyed?

P. L. O. Lumumba (my good friend) continues to give lectures on Nkrumah and other legends of Africa. Though the lectures get people awakened, it is not just enough. Teach the people to practice Nkrumah and other African legends.

I don’t think Nkrumah is happy where ever he is because countries continue to celebrate him and cut huge cakes all in his name. He is sorrowful I think because he cannot boast of anything good he did that is standing.

We celebrate him for the unity he wanted for Africa but we never intend to get united and realize his dream.

Enough of the celebrations! Let’s think of Nkrumah and Practice Nkrumah for a free economy!

From the pen of Emmanuel Graham Nyameke.

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