Voter Roll: Angry Assemblyman Gives EC Ultimatum To Find His Missing Name

By Japhet Festus Gbede
Elections Voter Roll: Angry Assemblyman Gives EC Ultimatum To Find His Missing Name
SEP 20, 2020 LISTEN

The Electoral Commission of Ghana following the completion of the compilation of a new voters register has begun in the run-up to the Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

In relation to the above development, the Assembly Member for Wute Electoral Area in the Volta Region, Mr. Wisdom Akpabli has given the Electoral Commission a two-day ultimatum to restore his name in the newly compiled voter register after it came to his notice that his name together with many others had been removed from the voter's register.

Speaking to the Media, Mr. Akpabli Noted that, his name and that of 500 voters in his electoral college cannot be found in What the EC normally refers to as a credible register.

Hon. Wisdom Akpabli has therefore called on the EC to fix the anomaly in order to prevent any tension before the polls on December 7.

This according to the honourable member of the Akatsi South District Assembly, also include the over 500 eligible voters who have also been affected by the same unjustified removal of names from the voter's register.

"You have just two days to restore my name and the other 500 electorates in my electoral area into your 'Credible' register or you will face me in court", the Assemblymember dares the EC.

Furious Akpabli subsequently accused Jean Mensa's Electoral commission of deliberately removing the 500 names from the Register to disenfranchise voters in the Strongholds of the NDC.

The eight-day voters register exhibition exercise which started on Friday, September 17, 2020, is to give registered voters the opportunity to verify their registration status and details but in the VOLTA Region, reports emerging indicates that there are so many missing names across parts of the region on the first day, the Assemblymember for Wute Electoral Area in the Akatsi South Constituency of the Volta Region can confirm.

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