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19.09.2020 Health

The Safety Of Patients Remains Our Top Priority---Greater Accra Regional Hospital

The Safety Of Patients Remains Our Top Priority---Greater Accra Regional Hospital
LISTEN SEP 19, 2020

The Medical Director of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, (Ridge Hospital), Dr. Emmanuel Srofenyoh, has reiterated the hospital's commitment towards the safety of its patients.

According to him, the hospital has ensured that patients who visit the hospital do not suffer medical errors and its accompanying adverse effects associated with healthcare delivery and services.

He further observed that healthcare has become effective and has also become complex with the emergence of new technologies coupled with medicines and treatments.

These developments, he said have led to a more challenging task in offering treatment and care for patients but the Greater Accra Regional Hospital has been able to deal with most situations due to the strong systems of medical and care regime put in place.

Dr. Srofenyoh was speaking at a stakeholder awareness program on 'Patient Safety' as part of activities marking this year's 'World Patient Safety Day' which was marked on Thursday 17 September 2020.

This year's event was on the theme Health Worker Safety: A Priority For Patient Safety.

The event brought together top doctors at the hospital, some staff, patients, and clients including their relatives to discuss the safety systems the Greater Accra Regional Hospital had put in place.

"The thematic areas relevant under the subject of patient safety include Surgical Safety, Medication Safety, Health care-acquired infections, and healthcare waste management. Emphasis is placed on the system of care delivery that prevents errors, learning from the errors that do occur and is also built on a culture of safety that involves health care professionals, organizations, and patients," Dr. Srogenyoh revealed.

He commended the media for the critical role they have played in shaping and making Ghana's health care part of their priorities in steering public engagements.

Also addressing the same platform, Dr. Reuben Ngissah Head, Department of Surgery Greater Accra Regional Hospital in presentation revealed that Patient Safety is defined as “freedom from accidental injury” caused by “medical care”.

Patient Safety comprises 6 main domains including Patient Centeredness, Timeliness, Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Equity.

He emphasized the need for all to be concerned since medical errors have resulted in many deaths globally.

"In the USA, medical errors are the third leading cause of deaths with 440,000 reported deaths," he disclosed.

Dr. Reuben Ngissah said Patient Safety thrives on Organizational Culture, Leadership, and Effective Communications.

He also revealed that the Hospital has also encouraged the SABR Practice Sheet which gives the Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation, records, and history of a patient.

On his part, the Head of Pharmacy at the GARH, Joseph Adjei Tsiase, in his presentation on Medicine Safety said with the growing reliance on medication therapy as the primary interventions, most ill patients receiving medication interventions are exposed potential harm as well benefits.

"Medication safety is defined as freedom from preventable harm with medication use. (ISMP[Institute of Safe Medication Practice] Canada, 2007). There is therefore the need to ensure patient safety with regards to medications given. In ensuring safety, there should be the procurement of effective, safe, quality, and cost-effective medicines; effective and proper storage of medications; setting up Drug and therapeutic committee; ensuring Rational use medicine/documentation and reporting of ADR’s," the Chief Pharmacist stated.

He also recommended appropriate indication (reason to prescribe is based on sound medical consideration; appropriate medicine, considering efficacy, safety, suitability for patient and cost; appropriate dosage, administration, and duration of treatment, right patient, correct dispensing and patient adherence.

Mrs. Mavis Aggrey, IPC also spoke on Healthcare acquired infection and Healthcare Waste Management.

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