Fascinating Gomoa Buduburam's Camp Liberia Refugee Settlement Area - Fun And Very Interesting To Visit

Feature Article Fascinating Gomoa Buduburam's Camp Liberia Refugee Settlement Area - Fun And Very Interesting To Visit
SEP 18, 2020 LISTEN

Ghana's Central Region's Gomoa Buduburam's Camp Liberia refugee settlement area, is one of the most dynamic rural communities, in all of our very beautiful country. Fascinating place. Fun-filled. And, it really is worthy of being explored, by adventurous-traveller-types from around the world, who love Africa. Definitely.

And, in a sense, it has the soul of Liberian society, constantly hovering over it, to comfort the remainder, of the Liberian refugees, still living there, because they have opted to be integrated into Ghanaian society.

Despite the desperate lack of economic opportunities for the area's many young people, which is noticeable by the many Camp Liberia youthful-fashionistas killing time creatively, there is still so much infectious humour, which daily fills the charming-atmosphere, in Camp Liberia. That, and the loud music, blasted out from loudspeakers, which are ubiguitous features, across the Camp Liberia landscape, make the place such a marvellous cultural-melting-pot-of-many-nationalities, and fun-loving rural community.

To say that Camp Liberia is full of energy that is incredibly infectious - like all melting-pot-communities worldwide - is an understatement. It simply has be experienced. Unfortunately, it has also has a negative image, which, in one's humble view, really is undeserved. Totally.

Luckily, in the not too distant future, thanks to the generosity of the UK social-impact NGO, Loving Humanity, and the Bushira Makuyi Foundation, a creative social and economic empowerent initiative, for females in Camp Liberia, will eventually bring economic opportunities for many of Camp Liberia's poorest-of-the-poor amongst the area's female population.

That female-empowerment opportunity, is being made possible, by a gifted unit of Amy Peake's (aka the Sanitary-pad-missionary), famed sanitary-pad-factory-in-a-shipping-container export-units. And the freight and insurance costs involved in shipping it to Ghana, when cleared and transported to Camp Liberia, will be borne by the Bushira Makuyi Foundation. Marvellous.

As it happens, the Bushira Makuyi Foundation's founder, the genius-entrepreneur, Mrs. Bushira Makuyi Ansah, also co-owns the leading logistics company, Lavita Ghana Limited, with her dynamic husband, Mr. Samuel Agyin Ansah. They also co-own one of the best equipped, and most modern printing presses, in West Africa, SpeedPrints.

It ought to be pointed out that the Bushira Makuyi Foundation's must important contribution, has been to design a social-impact-business-model, which will enable groups of ten women in Camp Liberia, to buy the sanitary pads, and incontinent pads, on credit, sell them, and then repay the factory. Brilliant.

The lucky Camp Liberia women's cooperative society, which will own the factory, is led by local pillars, the popular and hardworking businesswoman, Hajia Tenneh Kamara, and the equally hardworking, and very wise, Prophetess Felicia Toe, whose All Believers Prayer Ministry Church, in Camp Liberia, was founded in the 90s, when the first wave of Liberian refugees arrived in Ghana.

Like all such diverse melting-pot-communities the world over, there are some very good and interesting people, as well as some not-so-nice individuals (often Nigerian illegal immigrants, who are members of local criminal-syndicates), which one needs to be wary of. The question that needs pondering over is: Does the same situation not also pertain elsewhere, even in parts of great global cities such as: New York City; London; Amsterdam; etc., etc.?

Finally, for those adventurous-types seeking truly authentic, off-the-beaten-track rural communities, in Africa, to explore, Ghana's Central Region's Gomoa Buduburam Camp Liberia refugee settlement area, is a fascinating, fun-filled and interesting place to visit. I live nearby - and recommend it to all adventure-seeking travellers. Definitely. Cool.

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