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God has killed me - Part 42

God has killed me  - Part 42
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"That is a big problem...very serious," said the Ambassador, stopped walking around and came closer to Mr Karl laying his hand on his shoulders, "by that time I am dead and gone. The next generations should find a good solution for that historic problem that indeed is a great threat to our power and dominion in and over the world."

"Please your Excellency," got Mr Karl up ready to leave, "I have another meeting with the Chinese Ambassador, and I do not want to be too late. Please allow me to take my leave!"

"No problem, Mr Karl, as long as you know about the treaty, we once signed with you. In that treaty, it is played out in clear words that we support you in all your endeavours when you help us to be influential in this country with the clear expectation that you keep any of our enemies out or small like the Russians and the Chinese’s and leave the Europeans to look small in Ghana only."

"I know what I have done in the past and I intend to honour all my obligations, Sir. Rest assured on that please," greeted Mr Karl the Ambassador good-bye and heard while entering his car for George the driver to take him to his next meeting that the US Ambassador was very please hearing of Mr Karl`s reassurance of their interest would always be carried out and always be remembered.

"Please, Mr Karl...have a seat," was the Chinese Ambassador asking Mr Karl knowing he was a sweet mouth. "And please invited to a nice treat from China...nice cake...a small selection of delights that I hope will find your happiness."

"Just looking at what is served here, your Excellency, make my mouth so, so watery."

"So, we have achieved our target for today?" smiled the Chinese Ambassador sending his secretary out of the room to have a private time with his German friend. "You look good, Sir, even I guess your work is not easy as many people love you as much as many people hate you and put blame and shame on your name!"

"I know what you are saying and honour your kind remarks," smiled Mr Karl while trying to eat a cake covered in powder sugar falling down on his trousers making them look springing white. "I do not care about what people say. When they honour my work, I know tomorrow the same people will hate me possibly and when they hate me today such people might see over time some good in what I am going. Therefore, I cannot build my future and my life on being loved or being hated...only on doing things I believe to the best I can to be right and needed to be done...simple as that."

"This is a strong sign of a truly independent man...even sometimes it must feel a bit lonely like that."

"Dear Ambassador...with God by my side I feel never lonely at no given time!" responded Mr Karl looking to see which next piece of cake to try. He was not certain, two pieces were smiling brightly at him, their looks jumped into his face and made his mouth even more watery.

"Yes, when you say that our people destroy Ghana`s nature like in the Galamsey are right, Mr Karl. For this country, it is a big problem. But you must also understand our situation. We simply have so many people in China and all want a job so that we in power can stay in power for many more good years. To create jobs in China is not all that easy in light of the numbers of people that we have. The pressure is on us and when we can realise the pressure and make Chinese work in Africa in various sectors to send money back home...that is a great relief for us in the Communist Party. We depend on such initiative and not only on the natural resources that we take out form Africa back home to sell finished products to the world including Africa. Yes, it is also true that we need Africa as a consumer and investment hub for our people to have jobs. And it is also true that we have an only economic interest in Africa. When one day this continent has no natural resources anymore but can only serve us as a consumer market and job creation field to build power stations, roads, and airports alongside railway lines... then we are in the right position. The loans we give to African countries of which corrupt Politicians take their share...oh, this world is a wonderful world, so helpful to us and our interests...Mr Karl, corruption back home is evil and we fight it even with death penalty...but here, it is a real blessing to us, I am telling you the truth, simple truth and factual. Loans and corruption ensure for us that Africa will always be divided and under our control. When your politicians in Europe or America say that when they do not get active here but allow us to harvest the crop, we will more and more dominate the African continent through the back door and also in the open over time...than I have to laugh always. I mean the problem of Africa is too big, too mighty that not only one country can solve all of it or a block of countries. For that, the problems are too many, too complex, too costly, too much trouble for only one power. So, this leaves for us foreign countries an open playground to play our music and the Africans dance to it. When they would one day wake up and realize what we do to them...oh gosh, we better run away and hide in a corner of the history book."

"Do they know about it?" asked Mr Karl finishing eating his third cake and enjoying green tea well prepared. He saw the assistant of the Ambassador enter the room and taking his seat at the window in the respectful distance to the couch he and his Excellency were sitting on.

"No, as I said...the people here are too busy with corruption and their inefficient time observing, no discipline, no honesty, no hard work, no team players and the list goes on. They are busy worshipping their political parties and the politicians that take their money while in their faces sweet words come out of their mouths. Here people prefer lies over simple but hard truth...and as long as they are addicted to such a life-style...we have nothing to fear but enjoy good harvest always for our own people."

"Isn`t its selfishness?"

"It is called taking responsibility and the matters of our people seriously. Each country has to do that and see how best to achieve it. Look, we started as a pure Communist country and moved into the market economy. Very fast we were understanding our role in the context of other nations. Unlike you Europeans that wanted to take territories and make them stand against other nations in Europe and around the world as an extended force, we have nothing like that in mind. Our focus is on how best to feed our own people and to ensure that this strategy is well protected. So, we do not invade any country in Africa with force, only in our very own region along our borders. But we have to ensure the economic stability and progress of our home economy and do so by giving out excess money as loans to Africa to make them pay back not on a partnership term but only our conditions. The borrower is the slave to the lender. As long as Africa has Democracies and their politicians need to make their people happy before election time to sit once more on the throne to steal national assets...guess what my friend...we are content and even happy with it. In our own backyard, we kill corrupt officials but in Africa, we love to see them going about their daily great works. Africa is highly indebted to the extent that the lenders can actually buy them or have already bought them. So, that is pure economics and it is only up to the Africans themselves to change their mind if they feel they want real and true independence in all aspects of their society. Right now, they do not have. See the constitution of Ghana from 1992 was forced onto Ghana by the Americans. J.J. Rawlings did not come to this conclusion all by himself! That's is the game of power economics and the mechanism will never change, only changed minds can turn the tables."

"Will the Africans hear the trumpet?"

"The trumpet is loud enough and constant!" answered the Chinese Ambassador and smiled. "To open ears and hear the trumpets is not the issue. To work on the understanding of the message, that is the issue."

"The message is clear!"

"To you and us...but for the Africans, especially the Ghanaians...I doubt it!"

"Only time can tell!" got Mr Karl up as it was time for him to leave and meet the next Ambassador.

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