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15.09.2020 Opinion

Blow The Trumpet; The NPP's Nana Addo/Bawumia Government Has Done A Marvellous Job

By Kwabena Berma Pobi Head Of Communications PG
Blow The Trumpet; The NPP's Nana Addo/Bawumia Government Has Done A Marvellous Job
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I charge all Regional heads, PRs, and gents of this group to defend the NPP'S Nana Addo /Bawumia Government against those irresponsible and politically-motivated activists spreading patent falsehoods about the government ignorantly labeling it as “Akyem Mafia” to whip up tribal sentiments to win votes since they lack substance to compete in such a fair game with the elephant's immeasurable achievements.

The dream of Free Senior High School became a reality out of the vision of a united elephant tradition that is not divisive Just like examples as the NHIS and Free Maternal Care from the NPP's previous governments. The President himself has never taken any credit for his tribe in any of the NPP' Achievements but rather always praised his team for making a vision come to pass as a collective achievement to the benefit of all tribes and colours of or motherland Ghana unlike the Sanballat and Tobiah in our contemporary politics .

If you choose not to tell your story, don't be offended when someone else tells it because it would be told in a twisted manner. Exactly what the NDC leadership is doing at the moment, trying to divide us for their personal interest. The time to make public, the achievements of this administration is here and must be trumpeted for another 4more years to do more for the Ghana we all belong to and so much cherish.
Let's brighten the corner where we are and ignore the ugly noises of the opposition and their crusade against positive growth, development, truth and selflessness governance of the NPP ruling Government.

Information to the public should be well crafted, accurately segmented, better targeted and well packaged to achieve impact or results. Right messengers must be sent to targeted areas to deliver specific messages for impact and results.
Let's talk about digitalization (digital economy, ecommerce, telemedicine, etc), industrialization, agricultural revolution, access to free education, electricity and telecom expansion, and keeping the lights on to drive growth and industrialization, value for money and equitable infrastructure for all, transforming the transport sector(Rail development, Automotive industry, Developing the Cocoa industry for better value(Pricing inputs, Ivory Coast Collaboration for value, etc), Import substitution(Planting for Food and Jobs, raring food and Jobs, Planting for Exports, Rice sector development, etc), boost for the health sector, Manpower development, Manufacturing drive, Financial support for businesses, the list is just endless.
Let us convince our NDC friends to not just follow their leaders blindly but to rather accept early enough the NPPs vision and mission at all times since they always turn out right, so we can develop Ghana faster and better rather than their culture for branding everything NPP as bad and later making a U turn to accept and work with it. This practice is the reason for our slow growth as a country. No matter the effort put in by the NPP, it is always drawn back by this attitude of the NDC. Imagine if the NDC had accepted the Frees SHS since 2016, we would have moved on to other areas of the Ghana's development in early days rather than their late acceptance this time around. This merry go round does not help for development and it is time to educate NDC followers to put a stop to this unproductive routine.
NPP is a united party that believes in democracy and development of all Ghanaians without looking at the colour background of anyone. Its therefore important to call the attention of all NDC followers to look at the real situation and the real picture and not just focus on the power interest of their leaders whose only focus is power and not the issues of development.
I charge us all to help educate the lost souls under the blind selfish leadership of the NDC and bring them home to where the interest of each and every Ghanaian matters, so we can leapfrog quickly without hesitation or draw backs of the power-drunk NDC Leadership.
Let us all help to build the united Ghana we want, a Ghana beyond Aid and a Sustainable, enviable developed Ghana, taking up its title as a leader amongst its peers in Africa.


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