14.09.2020 Education

Pregnant Girls/Lactating Mothers Take the B.E.C.E Exams

By Emmanuel Graham Nyameke
Pregnant Girls/Lactating Mothers Take the B.E.C.E Exams
LISTEN SEP 14, 2020

It was fantastic last few weeks when pregnant girls and lactating mothers finished their WAEC exams. Tomorrow, some young pregnant girls too will be taking the BECE exams with their babies. It is the first exams for those unborn babies and that is to usher them into nursery. It is in fact their entrance exams from the womb.

Another group of junior high school students will be siting for this year’s Basic Certificate Examination. In the midst of this pandemic, following the good leadership of our president, and be sure things have been put in place for our youngsters to write their exams. This exams, when written and passed will determine students’ future. But as the exams begins tomorrow, 14th of September 2020, some students who realized they were pregnant never said no. They are going to see to the end of the journey they began ten years back. What could be the cause of their pregnancies?

To blame the cause of their pregnancies on Covid-19 is a mistake. Although it may be a factor since its advent brought about a break in the schools’ curriculum thereby getting students less busy, it is not its fault. Parental supervision and child-stubbornness may have warranted such an act.

As a result of the break from academic studies due to Covid-19, some parents paid little attention to what their children were doing. Many left them on the streets to fend for themselves. No wonder some got pregnant-like they say, “the only cocoa I have is their ‘V’.” Hmmm! Should it have been so?

Some parents too did well by giving good parental guidance to their children and based on that their children are safe. Those children must be grateful for that. But to those stubborn children who have brought upon themselves this burden, we wish you and your children good luck.

Good luck to those fathers too who will be taking the BECE exams.

Good luck to every student!

Before I rest my pen, please and please, take good care of yourselves as you get out of your compound. Know what you desire and channel all the energies you got into achieving them.

Pregnancy can wait!

Good luck once again!

From the pen of Emmanuel Graham Nyameke.

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