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Fast-Track And Deal With Electoral-Related Violence And Conflict Cases

Fast-Track And Deal With Electoral-Related Violence And Conflict Cases
LISTEN SEP 15, 2020

Ahead of the December 7th Presidential and Parliamentary elections, Ghana's Chief Justice, Kwesi Anin Yeboah, has implored judges to swiftly deal with electoral-related violence and conflicts without any further delays.

The chief justice believes this will be the only way to boost the integrity of the election 2020 results.

Speaking on a Ghana Bar Association webinar on the essence of free and fair elections, Justice Anin Yeboah said an important way of “safeguarding electoral integrity lies in a major resolution of complaints and appeals with minimum delays. There are no doubts that the slow pace of adjudication of electoral disputes is anathema to the 1992 constitution, which mandates the smooth operation of the country’s democratic culture.”

According to Justice Anin Yeboah, the judiciary has always positioned itself to ensure that the rule of law triumphs.

For him, the judicial service recognises its major contribution to making sure the country is seen globally in the best possible light giving the highest regard and application of the law.

The Chief Justice also disclosed that training on electoral laws has already been carried out for magistrates across the country.

“There is the need to equip and appraise judges, lawyers, political parties, and other stakeholders on the substantive laws as well as rules of adjudication of electoral disputes. Training on electoral law has already been conducted for all magistrates, circuit court judges, and high court judges,” he added.


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