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Who Is Asking Where Mahama Will Get The Money From? Dr. Thomas Anaba Highlights Funding Sources

By Dr. Thomas Winsum Anaba
Who Is Asking Where Mahama Will Get The Money From? Dr. Thomas Anaba Highlights Funding Sources
LISTEN SEP 14, 2020

I really do not understand those who want to know where Mahama will get money to fulfil the promises he is making to Ghanaians.

Why? Is Ghana bankrupt?

Per what we get from President Akufo-Addo and his team, the economy is in the right position.

If indeed that is the case, Ghanaians should not be worried about where Mahama will get the money.

Remember this man used less than one third of what President Akufo-Addo has used in the past three and half years to do ten times what he (Nana) has done.

It is a matter of being prudent and setting one's priorities right.

Some say they do not trust Mahama because he keeps changing his mind about national issues. I will say that is a sign of a true leader.

A leader who fails to change is mind after a good counsel is not far from being a dictator and paranoid.

We were in this country when President Akufo-Addo and his group told us we were sitting on money yet were are hungry.

Kindly ask them whether the money is finished. Ask them where they have put the money.

However, President Akufo-Addo was able to twist our minds and we are currently sitting on the fence.

This is because he allocated the resources of Ghana to his administrative family and friends government. So no one should be worried about where Mahama will get his money to implement his projects.

Mahama has done it before with little and will not disappoint.

Ghana is really a rich country, but if our leaders do not invest our monies prudently then we are dead.

I can give some few highlights of the funding sources of Mahama;

1. Prudence and prioritising

2. Lean government

3. Fighting corruption tooth and nail

4. Empowering the private sector

5. Cancelling deals like Agyapa

6. Reversing the KIA deal

7. Running a transparent and accountable government.

8. Taxing wisely

By Dr Thomas Winsum Anaba

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