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Cadres Tackle Kennedy Agyepong Over Attacks On Judges

By United Cadres Front of Ghana || UCF-GH
Cadres Tackle Kennedy Agyepong Over Attacks On Judges
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“When people can get away with crimes just because they are wealthy or have the right connections, the scales are tipped against fairness and equality. The court is the bureaucracy of the law. If we want truth and justice to rule our global village, there must be NO hypocrisy.” (quotes on “judicial injustice”)

The United Cadres’ Front of Ghana have learnt, listened and viewed the content of an audio-visual recording which is of public knowledge since August 2, 2020, and owned by the No.1 dishonourable Member of Parliament of Assin Central of the Republic of Ghana. Developments thereon leaves much to be desired hence, this open epistle to the revered Justices of the Bench as per below stated:

  1. That we condemn in no uncertain terms the content of the material under reference which has since gone viral;
  2. That per the Member of Parliament’s conduct, and considering the weight of his utterances alongside THREATS to His Lordship who is presiding over a litigation on a land matter involving the character, and knowing the capability of same, the UCF-Ghana is of the collective opinion that JUSTICE takes its course;
  3. That per rumours making the rounds (which the Lordships do not in any way rely on), it is alleged that the President of the Republic of Ghana, had intercourse with His Lordship the Chief Justice of this same Republic to intervene and make sure Mr. Kennedy Agyepong is NOT jailed. It is further alleged, that the Chief Justice had impressed upon the ‘culprit’ in this regard to do an open retraction of what the recording contains, and proceed to apologise to the affected Judge who, it is alleged has been talked to by the Chief Justice. True to form, and as if to confirm the rumour, a letter dated September 8, 2020, captioned: APOLOGY TO THE HONOURABLE CHIEF JUSTICE, JUDGES AND MAGISTRATES ASSOCIATION OF GHANA. In that scribble, the dishonourable Member of Parliament owned the content of the audio-visual recording, and has accordingly apologized to the Judiciary;
  4. That with prejudice prior to the acceptance or otherwise of the Bench, the United Cadres’ Front of Ghana, take serious exception per the disparaging and dangerous conduct over time and at the various intervals by the character in discussion, that his attempt to desecrate the Judiciary must NOT go unpunished, but rather – SEVERELY PUNISHED. We are of this view because if he is left of the judicial fangs of the law, the Judiciary would be left with NO PRECEDENCE of reference to deal with future offenders of same or worst magnitude, and that would give credence to such reckless acts with untamed IMPUNITY;
  5. That the UCF-Ghana is aware the recipient Lordship of Dishounorable Kennedy Agyepong’s insults has summoned him to his court on September 14, 2020, to answer a case of contempt. Much as we see it as an apt decision, we feel His Lordship goes one step further to report a case bordering on THREAT OF DEATH to the police against Kennedy Agyepong. We make this request with the fresh memory of Ahmed Suale whose life was terminated based on similar threats he has issued to the Lordship; and
  6. That the Lord Chief Justice, Judges and the Magistrates, consider the opening judicial quote to this plea, and exorcise judicial hypocrisy, and allow refined reasoning to be at play in this regard.

Electronically signed

Shine Gaveh


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