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God has killed me - Part 40

God has killed me  - Part 40
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"I have seen you coming already a few days ago," welcomed Mallam Live Victor Ataba who had parked his car outside the Cotonou residence of the Mallam as in his house in the bush a car to use would have been useless.

"Here, I have a bundle of something small. A humble token for your great works, Mallam," sat Vitor Ataba opposite his host seeing blood in small bottles, dried bones and few body parts preserved in alcohol around the Mallam. One penis even was clearly to see and made Victor Ataba uneasy.

Mallam Live noticed his feelings and commented on them: "My work is nothing for the weak hearted. As Pastors pour anointed oil over their congregations to bless them, we Mallams use blood instead and by asking our clients to bring body parts, we empower them and set them above the enemy."

"Most people are innocent," did Victor Ataba not know how it came he used these words.

"Yes, that is true, all people are innocent that I have to do harm against," explained the Mallam holding a bottle of blood in his left hand and a photo of a young man in his right. "Take this one here, he is bright and intelligent. His own family does not want him to succeed in life and stand tall as the leader of the family. So, I was begged to help and bring that man down. You know yourself so well, that is our job and tradition here in Africa...we bring people down...once up, we pull them down again. I need money to feed my own family and this is the only work that I know."

"And you know it well," congratulated Victor Ataba and smiled. "I always find it amazing, Mallam, these bones, even the blood and body parts like the penis over there are useless unless words are spoken over it to give them power. Without words, the right once, these things are such things and do not do any harm or any good."

"That is how it works in JuJu as well as in Christianity. The word spoken over blood and body parts by the right powerful man...and wonders shall happen."

"Wonders of evil!" added Victor Ataba an important word on his own.

"Wonders of evil...of true," agreed Mallam Live mumbled in tongues over the blood in his hand and the photograph laid down before him. He closed his eyes, concentrated his inner strength towards the young man and his life. a few minutes later Mallam Live came out of silence and spoke: "His fortune has ended."

"Amen!" said Victor Ataba spontaneously as he would say in his own church.

Mallam Live looked at him with a grim face and taught him a lesson:" Here we never use such words like Amen...that is not for the underworld."

"I am deeply sorry, Mallam," excused Victor Ataba himself, asking for his leave, left the money behind and drove back to Accra.

"Mr Karl...Mr Karl" was George the driver shouting out loud.

"Please, Mr Karl...we must leave." He rang the bell to Mr Karl`s apartment as usual after not seeing him down at the parking lot like it was his daily routine to get picked up by his driver. Nervously and filled with anxiety knocked George against the dark brown door trying to hear an answer from inside."Mr Karl...please open the door!" George tried to open the door by force. Then he remembered the place Mr Karl was hiding a spare key for emergency porpuses. He unlocked the door, opened it and shouted in the living-room for Mr Karl. He walked through the hallway to enter the bedroom as the door stood open. What he saw shocked him down to his bones. Mr Karl laid in bed unconscious. He called him; Mr Karl did not answer. Waiting for the ambulance would have been useless. He called Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi and much to his relief was he in his house in prayers. He was asked to come over immediately and bring him into the auditorium. A few minutes later had George carried the lifeless body of Mr Karl before the altar. To him, he looked dead, no vital sign to be seen. Pastor KK and Pastor Wright along with Mr Beautiful had rushed from their work into the auditorium to assist. They all gathered in a circle around the body of Mr Karl. Very calmly did Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi appear, asked for space around the body of Mr Karl and anointed oil. He did not say anything loud but was working for Mr Karl intensively inside his spirit. All of a sudden halted the Prophet is walking around the body before him, laid down his hands on the body, its heart and forehead, poured anointed oil of the body, prayed without a word to be heard than asked his Pastors and Mr Beautiful to join him in prayers and to put their hands on Mr Karl as well. George face endless times with no signs of Mr Karl being alive anymore and was scared to death. His entire life, his past, his present and his future rushed like a highspeed train before his inner eyes tormenting his heart close to dying himself. His facial expression relaxed when he saw the right hand of Mr Karl was moving then the left hand, then he opened his eyes to look around seeing his Prophet standing over him smiling brightly.

"It is done," proclaimed Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi holding the left hand of Mr Karl in his right hand. "It is are healed!"

Pastor KK and Pastor Wright helped Mr Karl to sit upright again with Mr Beautiful and George watching over the scene.

"What had happened?" was Mr Karl asking his Prophet not understanding why he was brought to the church and placed in the middle of the people he knew so well. "I do not understand!" He opened and closed his eyes several time to make sure he is still on earth surrounded by trusted people.

"You were unconscious, Mr Karl", explained Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi. "Evil forces tried to kill you. But as I am a Man of God, my God will never allow you to be killed prematurely. I went all the way to Benin...into the capital Cotonou and I have also seen a house in the bush just outside of that city. A place if you do not know it is there in the bush, you would not know what that place is all about. There I saw money, lots of money laying around. And I saw the money comes here from Ghana. I have seen a red ribbon that went all the way from Flagstaff House over to Benin, over to that house in a bush. And I have seen a ritual that was held upon your life to end it. I have seen a Mallam sitting in that house with all the money by his side laughing. And I have seen black faces of men that do not form that country but are from Ghana. These are very powerful men that want to see you dead. Jealousy has taken them over and as they have opened their heart to demons and the evil of this world the devil has total control over these strong men. It is the devil that wants to kill you and he is using these strong people as they are haunted by the devil in all what they say and do. Trustworthy people and strong persons are never jealous. They have no time to care about the business of others but have their destiny in mind always. Therefore, your good heart and intentions do not see the devil around you. You only see a bright future for our country, for our people and their generations to come. But I can see what is invisible to you. And as I can see a bright star shining above you, I can see that star is under attack by evil forces that are residing in Flagstaff House. I see many gifts that people give you like once the three wise men were bringing to Bethlehem. And as back then around these three wise men the Romans were watching what was about to unfold very closely, it is now on you that people monitor any step you take with jealously in their hearts and spirits. But as a man of God and as God does not permit it, I have brought you back to life and asked God to protect each and every one of your steps that you might not hit any stone in your way. The anointed oil that you are covered with will protect and keep you. You will live a long and prosperous life, Mr Karl. You are a true blessing to Ghana...especially as you never had wanted to come in the first place but God had directed your ways in his own ways to make you come and stay...for us!"

"Amen, Pastor," thanked Mr Karl and smiled at his Prophet. "I am so, so grateful for everything you do for me!"

"I am a Man of God and do the work of a man of God," responded Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi asking Mr Karl to have a good rest and not to work anymore for the day. He asked Pastor Wright to inform Dr Agyeman-Duah to pay him a visit later the day to have a final physical check-up and left the auditorium.

George the driver helped Mr Karl to reach his apartment, opened the door, made sure he went to bed again to have a good rest, called his wife to tell her about what had happened and agreed with her that he should stay by his side as long as it would be needed, even overnight if so requested by the doctor. Dr Agyeman-Duah that had worked in Nottingham in England for over thirty good years before coming back to Ghana to open his own hospital around Spintex showed up late afternoon, run few tests, gave Mr Karl an injection to boost his health and strengthen him leaving after some minutes with the advice he should rest for two days minimum before taking up his demanding work again. During this time he should avoid receiving too many calls and visitors, peace and calm should be the medicine and order which would bring him back to his normal strength very soon are what Dr Agyeman-Duah advise him and told George to have a close on his patient that he would follow the doctor´s instructions to the letter. George confirmed heaving heard the instructions and promised to always follow them by all letters. He made himself comfortable in the living room ready at any moment to assist Mr Karl in whatever he might need.

Night had fallen, it was quiet outside Block D-Line. George had fallen asleep while the Tv was still on and American movies were shown. The night was cold and dark. Only the streetlights were like stars shining bright. They were not powered by electricity but by solar each streetlamp was equipped with. In his district, Dumsor was an issue of the past only haunting neighbouring areas still managed by the local authorities and ECG officials. Mr Karl was sweating, turning around in his bed with his head full of voices from the past, pictures long time forgot, people hardly remembered: "By the law of the school you came five minutes too late into the classroom and for that, you cannot enter anymore. The law is very clear on that. Five minutes are five minutes. You can only bring written proof that the bus you used was too late or you had to go for the doctor...other excused do not stand and will not be accepted. That is the law and I cannot change the rules. So, you must wait outside the classroom, see how you can catch up with the information your fellow students are going to hear now and join us only during the next lecture in forty-five minutes. So, please leave the class for now and wait outside." Mr Karl took a deep breath, and another one and a third one not knowing what his body was doing while his head was filled with loud voices: "Look Detlef...over there, next to the waste containers underneath the tree. I cannot believe my eyes. Someone has started to dump waste there, the table, the matric, the bedcover...and here the plastic toys for the kids. Can you imagine that? I mean, this is simply unbelievable. And here, the office chair and the desk...someone else must have put it there seeing someone before him had dumped his things here by the roadside. They are too lazy to call for the Waste Disposal Service, pay a small fee for them to dispose of this waste in the proper way. But here, look down here, I have seen a letter in this white plastic bag. I can read the name clearly. So, now we have the one that is responsible for this disgusting offence. The address is just across the street. come on, let's go there and see whether we can find this person, teach him a lesson and fine him heavily. Oh yes, someone is answering the door. We have come to inform you that what you did will cost you a lot of money. You will get a letter to this effect in the next few days and you must pay." Mr Karl turned from one side to the other side and back, sweating constantly and the voices in his head continued to talk to him: "Dear colleagues, let me introduce to you the new time machines that you will find at the entrance door on the right side. You will get a device with which you will be able to identify yourself at work, I mean the time you enter the workplace and the time you leave again so that we as a company can keep an accurate track record of the time that you have worked in a month. It will help our bookkeeper also to make your statements always in the correct way. Only a company that is well organized, uses all available modern technology, that has a dedicated, well trained, very time conscious and disciplined workforce that always works together in a team can form a successful company. I mean in our society it is not much different. In a country that is filled with people that are not disciplined, not working as a team, not time conscious, not honest, not straight forward, not obeying the law and rules and regulations but live and work anyhow...such a country and company we cannot afford but Africans truly enjoy too much. And in the end, we must pick up the bits and pieces of their madness and send some of our tax papers money to make them survive and stay afloat in life. Here in our company, it all starts like in schools and kindergartens and in our homes, that is where we must learn to be good and always better persons. And most of all, we must always be the steward for ourselves and the people around us to help them walk the right path. Anything else is child`s play that no company and no society needs." Mr Karl opened his eyes for a short while, used the towel close to his bed to dry off the sweat on his chest before falling back to sleep one more to see figures of the past and voices long forgotten: "My son, you know how much I love my job as a medical doctor and how much I wish you would follow in my footsteps and take over the clinic. But I also know and honour that we are all born not for our parents and not for their wishes. Every human being is born entirely for himself or herself. We all have our very own calling in life regardless of our social background and our parent’s status and situation. For that one, you can only know deep in your heart what you want to achieve in life. And as I hear your wish for your future now to become a photographer...hopefully with great results and very artistic let it be and you most definitely have my blessings. All I want for my children is that whatever they want to accomplish in their life to be hard-working, disciplined, humble and having the determination to be always the best in what they want to do. Luckily, we do not live in a society in which such a parent´ attitude is not accepted, a society backwards thinking with inhuman attitude. You can really call you lucky and blessed that her everyone has a moral and legal right to strive for his own personal luck and that relatives and friends better shut their mouths if someone wants to accomplish something in life that is not linked to their parent's house at all. No, we are a matured society, but I know societies down there in Africa that are not like that...and look where they find themselves with such an attitude. I mean to copy our mistakes certainly is a mistake by not to copy our strength is certainly wrong as well. To know the fine line between these two sides is the line of wisdom that we all can walk on when we have the correct mindset...not everyone is given that wisdom but it is available to all of us."

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