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God has killed me - Part 39

God has killed me  - Part 39
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"When you look into the district Mr Karl is responsible for the progress the people are making it is simply unbelievable. When I consider that in less than one-two years he was able to put so many people in jobs...not any kind of jobs, very good once, qualified jobs that get paid well and constantly with social benefits attached to it as standard in Europe...I get scared of our future, I am telling you honestly. He is a sort of a tough teacher to them taking the law seriously and implementing it strictly. The people under his watch even are so, so time conscious, so disciplined, so hardworking...yes, they are even honest people. Corruption under his watch seems to be an issue of the past. He does not care where you come from, who you are. When you disobey the law, you find yourself behind bars, may you be rich or a poor beggar. He even...can you imagine that...he even sits down with beggars and tries to understand their plight, the reason why they found themselves in such an unfortunate situation. He has no problem and no shame to enter houses of poor people...not only during election, can you imagine, anytime he thinks it is needed to do so."

"And he never comes with a motor caravan to any meetings but is humble to come with his own car and even pays his driver out of his own pocket...imagine that wickedness," added President Malcom Osei and looked grim.

"Can you imagine, he never comes to launching ceremonies of schools, hospitals and roads. He is believing this can better be done by the persons in charge. I mean when a school is ready to be used, he sends two people there from the Local Authorities responsible for overseeing the project, ask them and the headteacher together with the contractor for that school to inspect room by room, take notes, make a protocol and a video or photos as proof of the situation of the new structure before handing it officially over to the district to be used. There is no big ceremony, no media attending, no chiefs turning up, no canopies under which many people can sit protected from the sun and their workload in their offices and homes. No sandwiches served, no buffet offered...simply nothing that we truly enjoy so much and find it essential to get credit for a promised fulfilled. No, that wicked bastard...he simply has a very humble style and says he has no time to do such opening of all such interventions but needs time for his real job. He does not want to be praised or worshipped in any way. He does his job and wants his work to speak for itself...I mean, can you imagine such a wicked person who intentionally destroys all that we stand for and our well-established behaviour. He exposes us as the wicked once...while in fact, he is the wicked once that turns our traditions in politics upside down...I mean, I cannot believe it. So, so wicked that man!"

President Malcom Osei got up and walked over to the big window to look over the forecourt of Flagstaff House. He took a deep breath then another one before turning back to his friend relaxing on the couch with a good glass of Champagne from France: Worst of all is...many people in the country hear about what he is doing and what he has achieved. I har from many Ambassadors residing in Accra how they praise him and offer their support only to him...even telling me right into my face, here in the room, their intention is to solely give financial and technical support to his district and see that one as a raw model for African change. They even...was it the day before yesterday? Oh yes, it was three days ago actually, the representative of the European Union sat here with me and he said Mr Karl had mentioned to him he has the dream of setting up an Academy in which intellectuals from around the world would meet and discuss a new world order in which African should play a vital role, even if not the central role. It is something more than what the World Economic Forum in Davos can offer or is offering."

"What...I cannot believe it," got Nana Kwabena Adom up and walked over to President Malcom Osei seeing the Army Barracks on the other side of the road, no movement of any soldier to be observed. "That bastard...that evil man. He is so, so wicked. All the privileges we had built up for ourselves during the past generations...that man has come to take all of it away from us. He even might think to seriously and independently investigate us and see whether and how much we have and whether this what we have is because we were engaging in shady deals selling our nation to the highest bidder out there around the world and put an endless financial burden on our people...and in the course of it make yourselves and our families rich for generations to come. Can you imagine such a wicked person?"

"More and more voices in Ghana...from all corners of our country, cry out to him. They want to have a meeting with him in the nearest future and ask him to be managed by him as well...that is what our Bureau of National Investigation has told me," reported President Malcom Osei of a meeting he had last week with Ghana`s Intelligence Services keeping close watch over the district in Tema Mr Karl was responsible for to manage. They tried as hard as possible to find any pitfalls in Mr Karl`s personal performance but were unable to put blame and shame on him. They even tried to get in touch with BND in Germany and see whether they hold a file against Mr Karl but with no success. American CIA representative in Accra refused any assistance to help BNI and the President to investigate Mr Karl rather indicating they would stand by Mr Karl and give him all the needed support.

"I suggest to you, Mr President, " said Nana Kwabena Adom and smiled with wickedness behind his eyes, "that we hire a hitman to take Mr Kar`s life."

"I know in our country we have such people that have no moral problems to kill people," turned President Malcom Osei around and stared at his friend from the opposition party. "In Oxford and England, I guess, you would have problems to come up with such a suggestion, right?"

"In Great Britain," tried Nana Kwabena Adom to remember and looked to the ceiling, "there we would indeed have problems to find such people. Where you come from in Moscow...I guess that also would not be too difficult to accomplish...right?"

"There even the President takes to such actions, why should the ordinary citizen and official be much different?"

"Even outside their own problem for them, right?"

President Malcom Osei brought back the attention to their current situation and voiced with great concern: "As I said, as for now, I do not think this would be a wise idea. It would probably direct the pointing finger onto us too easily. Therefore, we must turn to someone else that surely will help us and get rid of that Mr Karl."

"You mean?"

"Yes, you guess right...Mallam Live in Benin" walked President over to his desk where a large bundle of US Dollar notes was stacked together. "I have set aside from our Common Fund something small the Mallam can stand on and perform his rituals for us so that soon we can rest again in peace and go about our normal duties!"

"Our normal duties?" laughed Nana Kwabena Adom his head off. "You mean, to fool our people?"

"What else?" answered President Malcom Osei with strange looks in his face. "We got to do what we have got to do as we are African leaders and not a bunch of Europeans with moral issues at this point in our history and the development of our nation. We stand in the history of our nation; we walk in our grandfather's shoes and have to do what we have to do ignoring any lesson the white people want to lecture us with. If we have any way to protect ourselves and our tradition of doing business and ruling the nation. It is now or never that we must stand united and face the enemy that we have allowed for too long to lead people into the promised land. Let us face it, while we have a green book and photoshop and our own party folks confusing the public on all media platforms to the extent that the one holding the truth, in the end, looks like the liar in this power-sharing game. I mean this Mr Karl is saying big sweet words and people like it so much. And he does not talk much about what it is doing, he simply does what he says and so far, has not disappointed his people. Therefore, it is no wonder that most of our people want to be managed by him. In football to have foreign coaches for the Black Stars...I have no problem with that at all. But politics is a different piece of cake."

"Are you sure?"

"The principles are the same...but we must let our people know that the principles are very much different to keep us in power and safe us from any evil that might come against us," took President Malcom Osei a nip of the Champagne from France standing right before Nana Kwabena Adom who had nearly finished the whole bottle all by himself. "Imagine the scenario that Mr Karl would abolish our indemnity clause that sits so nicely in our constitution and gives us always the opportunity to get away with the money we have taken from our nation. I am most certain him being in power here in this office, he would cancel this privilege and haunt us at nights with soldiers eventually knocking at our doors, take us to prison, prosecute us in public and most likely end our lives at the driving range close to Labadi Beach opposite the Army teaching camp."

"That would be terrible," emptied Nana Kwabena Adom the bottle and started to open another one. "In case I would hear about it I would go into exile in Oxford. And you can most certainly also fight against him from outside, right?"

"But not from Moscow!" laughed President Malcom Osei his head off. "Maybe I would be your guest of honour in your house over there under the wings of the Queen."

"God have mercy on me!" laughed Nana Kwabena Adom while pouring out the Champagne in their two glasses.

"Let us toast to a better solution for more peaceful nights and ask Victor Ataba to bring this money over there to Mallam Live in Benin so that we can celebrate our victory soon."

"I toast to you, my great President!" smiled Nana Kwabena Adom and emptied his glass in one go.

"If only you would call me like that in public!"

"Only over my dead body!" toasted Nana Kwabena Adom and glasses were making their usual crystal sounds.

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