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God has killed me - Part 38

God has killed me  - Part 38
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"I am too old and too dead that anyone would be able to put shame on me and not listen to the truth that I can see with my very own spiritual eyes even from down under, from my grave. I see every corner of this assured on that aspect," looked Kwame straight into the eyes of his German friend. He continued his short lecture and said: "Once they sit in parliament all their focus is on portraying themselves as honest people, smiling at Ghanaians very well and telling them sweet lies into their hungry stomachs so that these stomachs get filled and anger will be cooled down. Only when time passes the Ghanaians ware waking up to realize they have been fooled for all those years...and years are gone and past, future of the past never comes back, opportunities missed. But for these people giving out contracts, rewarding them to family and friend, to close allies that behind the scene can cover up for them that they take their share to Switzerland into their secret bank accounts or to Jersey and establish private companies there for which the state, in the end, will have to foot the bill and pay all expenses once something is going wrong. Going corner and corner and corner for their own family welfare instead of the nation...that is the black mentality of our politicians. The once saying now that once they would be in parliament would not be part of our corrupt system...I have great doubts. When you hear the voices of the young once to change our nation for the they grow older, they will change and follow their forefathers. As regards to me, I do not have much trust in such voices. They lack so much to make an effective change and vital make-over of our motherland Ghana. They have, like their fathers, sweet words for our people but no action plan, no new constitution draft, no concept of how a new Ghana should look like. Where is the big book with many pages to show future Ghana? I do not see anything like that. And as long as the call for the youth to take over is there and they proclaim themselves as the honest new leader of Ghana but have no concept that shows the alternative in all its details, that also brings the people together with a clear responsibility to hear Ministries and institutions etc., no written volume for a revised law system and what have you not. No, these sweet and nice words spoken and written in short, short articles and notes...that will never make a new Ghana. They are not a serious alternative."

"You sound very depressed, my very good friend, " saw Mr Karl Doctor Kwame Nkrumah close to tears. "these short while that we are sitting here together...I think I start to love you even I saw many things around that you were responsible for and which I do not agree with."

"When we are dead and gone...we all know better!"

"Kwame...I know that, and I also do not see myself as the man with ultimate answers, only someone that tries to do his best to the best he knows of."

"That`s best friend. That`s it. We have had a good mind, a clean heart, a great vision, the power to fight for our people against a small group inside our society that does not want to change and move ahead but benefits from the wrongdoings in a society," was Doctor Kwame Nkrumah close to crying in tears. "Each night, believe me, Karl, I turn around and around in my grave...I can hardly sleep. The more nonsense my spiritual eyes can see, the less I can rest in perfect peace!"

"You turn around in your grave...always when you see the nonsense here," repeated Mr Karl trying through the metal rods to hold Doctor Kwame Nkrumah close in his arms and give him rest. He appreciated the warm help of his German friend and knew how to honour it. He gave him a big smile. "Are you disappointed to see this nonsense, and do you regret what you did?"

"As I said before, the open door was there...and we had to walk through no matter what. That what happened would no means would I have ever imagined it. Ghana should be far ahead of its current situation and make a very positive contribution to the African development and unity as a great raw model for change, but it lacks everything to fill that role...everything. In that regard it is still a naughty infant...that is all I can say to it."

"Is Ghana going backwards even?"

"The tendency is there to judge our nation in that form...and it saddens my heart, my friend," said Kwame with tears in his eyes. Mr Karl gave him comfort by holding his hands and saying that God never allows any development to end. All he does is to put it on hold. Weak and insecure leaders can kill other politicians, no problem, but once God had set his mind on the victory, he will bring another person time down the line to finish the job. An idea does not depend on a particular individual but on the decision, God is taking to make a certain development come to pass, sooner or later. "You are a true friend indeed, Karl," smiled Kwame and dried his tears. "We need someone like you...always!"

"Malcom, I am glad you could make it and give me few minutes to talk," was Nana Kwabena Adom breathless entering the President`s Office in Flagstaff House. "Things are getting serious."

President Malcom Osei asked his Assistant to leave both alone and not to return unless he asked him to do so saying to his political counterpart in opposition: "I guess you are right, we need to do something about our future!"

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