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God has killed me - Part 37

God has killed me  - Part 37
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"This is most certainly the voice of destiny, Karl...most certainly!" agreed Kwame and looked around. "I could have raised my family in peace and had a peaceful life. Instead, the call came, and I was down here in the middle of history, in a country I had to take out of the British Empire fast as that is what people had demanded. But I should have known better. My people were not ready for this great step ahead in their own life."

"So, why did you declare independence and added your famous speech to it?"

"What should I have done, please tell me? The time was there, the open door before us and I should not have walked with my people through that open door that might have been shut again?"

"Your people were not at all prepared for that situation, to be free and to manage their own affairs. It is like infants and teenagers that do no longer agree with their parents´ lifestyle, that wants to set themselves apart from them as they think they have better ideas and want to make it in life by their own inner thinking. Some of them need longer than others before they are ready to walk on their own freely."

Kwame looked straight into the eyes of Karl and said: "When people like mine are crying and history is at our side, the door is open...what would anyone with sound mind do?"

"To take the bull by the horn!"

"Regardless of what might come next," added Kwame to the words of his German friends. "After I had set Ghana free from Colonialism and speaking my famous words about them...soon did I realize the problems facing me and us as a country. Indeed, I underestimated the problems our move had brought onto us and the hardships my people would have to face as the consequence of our independence. You will recall that I had to set up a good team of Ministers to manage the nation and was unable in my own party to find enough qualified once. To take anyone that would eventually be a rotten apple among good working, such an idea I never wanted to follow. And so I came to the conclusion a one-party system would be the only option for a transition period to bring Ghana into a much better position to improve the lives of many here and lead the African Union to unite all of us here on the African continent. Little was I unable to foresee that the support among Ghanaians was not there and that behind my back they discussed their evil plans against me...evil plans with their stupid, stupid, and wicked minds. The rest is history, my good friend!"

"So, as to how is Germany and Ghana very much alike, Kwame...if I may ask?"

"To lead by example a whole continent!"

"You mean?"

"Yes, I mean," smiled Kwame knowing what his friend would say considering the history and the present sentiments on his own continent towards Germans. "t lead is not by being a proud person or country, but by using the God-given talents in a humble...I stress out again humble bring out all there is in a people and set good examples for others to think about, consider and use it as an example to find its very own way forward. This is what you Germans in the past often did wrong...not being humble. When you have a destiny in life and are not humble, you miss the goal and will never reach. Only humble people and persons can make it to the top and be accepted by others to be seen as a raw model they themselves can use to find their own solutions in this world."

"If you were still alive what would have changed?"

"The country would have been an inspiring place for many...including your own country. Even you, my good friend," got Kwame up to stretch himself feeling his back aching a bit. "But now all around this country and the mess the people are in. They call this Democracy... always a good laugh that I get from their sweet, sweet words that are nothing but lies. Right now, in election time, the political parties bribe the electorate, our voters here around and give small handouts like bags of rice, sugar, cooking oil, for the bigger once that can influence others, they give out cars. After the election is payback time as the investment made by free handouts must come back to the parties."

"Plus, interest!" added Mr Karl seeing that Kwame turned around and looked at him with sorrow in his eyes.

"The political parties publish manifestos, promise and promise endlessly until the sun has finally set over Ghana. They take loans from you white folks that come with big interest, they put it on the shoulders of all Ghanaians, for future generations to suffer long after these politicians have gone out from the office and found their final perfect peace. They do not care about Ghanaians...not at all...Ghanaians should better stop listening to these, let me call them friendly destroyers of a great future for Ghana as I do not want to use the real word that is on my mind... ."

"Which is?"

"Bastards! That is what these people are," was Doctor Kwame Nkrumah angry and outraged, very emotional seeing his time in history washed away by wicked-minded people. "All these people are interested in is to give out tokens to Ghanaians so that the people can praise and worship them. To trust an African your hands carefully and count them before you leave the African standing behind your back that he might not have a knife between his teeth that eventually has come from you...mind my words very well as I know what I am talking about."

"Wisdom speaks, Kwame!"

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