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A Liberian Voter Dilemma: Is There Hope With The Cpp Or Pity For The Ruling Cdc?

By Daniel Trokon Bestman
A Liberian Voter Dilemma: Is There Hope With The Cpp Or Pity For The Ruling Cdc?
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As the Proverb puts it; where there is hope, there is no darkness. To look beyond the wit of this adage, fallen Liberian Journalist Mamadee Diakate’s coined statement “This Motherland shall never fall’’, has to be revered for fostering bold courage and revolutionary enthusiasm as a sunshine patriot for a hopeful society bent on pluralism. He had inspired such patriotic call against the realization of the afflictions which come with; dominance of the ruling clique above the impoverished masses, stagnant economic growth or development towards recovery or reform, expenses on national wealth at the detriment of the masses, yellow journalism to confuse public opinion, supplication of kangaroo justice to disqualify equality and disrespect to the rule of law, and the threats on politics which affects the safety of the masses and their surroundings; While we strive collectively to treat this hope with care and respect, we must imaginarily illuminate all corridors of the Liberian society with torches which drive away the horrors of the darkness from such a nationalistic vision. Hence, if we concur that a blind man had bored the standards, pitying his followers will certainly lead us to the calibration of hope to transform the ethics and moral of the standard bored by the blind spot.

It is undeniably evident, that the current rigmarole for basic social services coupled with cost of living as an average Liberian, are among the many reasons scores of citizens have maintained loyalty with the most formidable opposition’s alliance, The Collaborating Political Parties, CPP. The CPP which constitutes Unity Party, Liberty Party, Alternative National Congress and the All Liberian Party holds more than forty-seven percent (47.2%) of the registered electorates in the 2017 elections. In contrast, the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, CDC comprising of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) National Patriotic Party (NPP) and Liberian People Democratic Party (LPDP) garnered almost five percent less than that of the CPP amounting to thirty-eight percent (38.4%). With empirical facts from the National Elections Commission, the CPP currently leads with an excess of forty-seven point four percent (47.4%) ahead of the ruling establishment whose ascendency was resultantly powered during the run-off. To argue that there’s a resort of hope in the bosom of the CPP, we have to align the successes and failures of the CPP pointedly to the Unity Party --- Agriculture, Health, Education, and Security. However, to regret the inconveniences caused earlier about financial improprieties, election violence, disqualification of the Civil Servants Codes, selective justice, economic hardships, tattered international influence, futile fight against integrity institutions are but the few path we could endeavor on this pilgrimage to pity for the ruling clique provided said pity is not used to scam the masses who are not critically analyzing --- hope then is still a motivational index for the indecisive voter.

This inevitable pursuit of hope stems from the successes attained from the stewardship of the UP led government without a discouragement to the consideration of investment, strive for good governance, achievement for the dispense of decency democracy, motivation of impeccably moral men --- in the sights of experience, investment, and integrity. Fortunately, the UP – the CPP boosts it optimism for hope by; establishing a functional county health team in each county and district which overly decentralized health programs with rapid growth and positive results, giving care and respect to Doctors and Nurses through rapid increment of their benefits and allowances, forming the Partnership School System – educational reform, as a rapid educational transformation through automation, constructing and legitimizing seven local county colleges as regard for the educational reform, defrayed a negative ninety-nine percent GDP to a league of fast growing economies in Africa between 2008 to 2013, Empowering over four hundred fifty local farmers to transcend from subsistence to merchandise farming as a drive way to the revitalization of Liberia’s premier priority, erecting a ministerial complex toward the good governance agenda, reactivating the Mount Cuffy Dam to fulfill the promise of small lights today big lights tomorrow, Lobbying internationally for the cancellation of extended debt of US $4.7 Billion, Attracting investors amounting to more than 600 concessions and grants from foreign direct investment, establishing integrity institutions amongst all, restoring a reputation ruined from strive toward democracy back to the world’s comity of nations. The CPP out of progressive pride, confessed to propel the current holder of the Mo Ibrahim Leadership award for extraordinary leadership. Though the Mo Ibrahim Award disqualifies the holder from active political participation but advises and some influences are great reliance in the hope with the CPP.

On the other hand, even though the CDC led government might not appeared as robust as most have expected it to be but the fact remains that she too can boast of the seismic paradigm shift of the young generation, who are now leading with social interaction to attract the people through a healing discourse at the moment. Although it seems unreasonable, but Mr. Tweah’s extravagancy to an extent is a reliance for pity to the abandoned widows and impoverished citizens. The ruling CDC also cried with pity for the Harmonization process to remove ghost names from government payroll thereby relieving other underpaid civil servants, and the CDC led government goes on with propagandas in other to trigger the guilt of pity from the masses --- the extension of small light today big light tomorrow (optimism by Compatriot Ellen Johnson Sirleaf) by cradling electricity in the surroundings of the former twelve years Vice President, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, a formidable contender on the CPP ticket comes 2023.

Cogently, in order to correct the disappointment or embattlement that this hope with the CPP might cause if success is reclaimed, the CPP will have to be very though on its image bearers, as the candidates would feel hopeful if they propel those who know what the CPP want or aimed for. One huge disappointment that awaits the CPP is the nomination process which is tied to the ALEX CUMMINGS DESPERATION -- his superfluity has tagged him as pathological threat and dark horse. Of course, the UP – the CPP failed in the path of reconciliation and corruption, yet the ruling CDC establishment has dare not to focus any attention in tackling these grave issues. Frankly, there were scandals of corruption that festered during the stewardship of the UP as they have also monumentally been pictured throughout the rule of the CDC. If responsibility for national thievery were boldly accepted yesterday, are we so callous that we cannot pity the CDC for a second term bid 2023 amidst the scandals and ill-reputation? What standards of leadership do the CPP have above the current CDC that can ease the nation’s problems in 2023? Should we hope with the CPP or go searching the horrors of pity for the ruling CDC establishment?

Finally, whether to remain an opposition, or stay as a donned partisan for the government, or to cross-over either ways, there is a greater push for loyalty expansion in both directions --- with hopeful insights and fair humors. Loyalties are adept to create ways to think of getting at the peak of their embarked journey. In contrast, donned partisans for government virtually need to develop skills needed for positive relationships by thinking critically to build responsible behavior in caring for others and the surroundings. We have to pity the followers of a blind leader bearing the standards of the visually paired followers. Our pity shouldn’t make us egotistical rather proud, bashful instead modest and slothful rather reflection, because we hold this truth to be undisputable that our Motherland (Liberia) Shall Never Fall.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: He is a student of the Stella Maris Polytechnic. He could be reached at [email protected]/0880618248/0776811809

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