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12.09.2020 Rejoinder

REJOINDER: ‘Reckless Mahama Systematically Tribalistic: NPP-USA

By NDC-USA Communication Officer
REJOINDER: ‘Reckless Mahama Systematically Tribalistic: NPP-USA
LISTEN SEP 12, 2020

The attention of the NDC-USA has been drawn to a publication purported to have emanated from the NPP-USA communications directorate with the above caption.

In the said publication, the NPP-USA which has been dormant for some time now, due to the sorry and shameful state of Ghana’s economy, as a result of their party’s mal-administration, having nothing to show for over 135 billion GHS in loans, yet subjecting the masses of Ghanaians to undue hardship, suffering, poverty, and youth unemployment; seems to portray the next President of Ghana, His Excellency, President John Dramani Mahama as tribalistic.

Every discerning Ghanaian is now aware that NPP members home and abroad, such as the NPP-USA, have been searching for a face-saver since the launch of the socially acclaimed and widely received NDC’s PEOPLES’ MANIFESTO. The PEOPLES’ Manifesto is robust with prudent policies, a road map to sustainable job creation for the masses, and infrastructure development. These have sent rigors and shivers into the spines of the entire membership of the NPP so they are scrambling to find anything they can use to dampen the enthusiasm the manifesto has generated in the country and beyond so far.

President Mahama has always been the irritating thorn in the flesh of the NPP so we were not surprised by the wicked machinations being hatched to taint his image. It is a well known fact that Mahama was the president who masterminded one of the largest infrastructure development projects in our country in recent history. Even fair-minded and leading members of the NPP surreptitiously admit that Mahama brought massive projects to all corners of our country within the four short ears of his presidency . The NPP machinery started to tarnish Mahama’s name with a cooked Airbus saga which did not fly with Ghanaians so they are now resorting to tagging him with tribalism etc. to see if that would work and give them some respite.

President Mahama echoed the sentiments raised about the few Akyems’ who call themselves the “ Akyem Mafia” and have formed a suspicious company to loot our mineral resources whilst they hide their identity as Mafia’s or sakawa dealers normally do. Never in the history of our country have leadership found the need to hide their faces behind a clandestine company registered in a tax haven where tax evasion, lack of transparency, and all dubious shenanigans go on. The worst of all, as the visionary Mahama pointed out, there are structures within the country that could handle what they are covertly doing to hide revenue generated from our mineral resources abroad for personal gain. If they have any good intentions towards the good people of Ghana, why would they choose to hide their identity or the identity of the gargantuan fraudulence company , one may ask?

Why is President Nana Addo so much afraid to debate John Mahama? A stage that would give the best opportunity for Ghanaians to compare their records as they stand toe to toe and side by side, in a debate? Nana Addo rather chickens out and resorts to scare tactics and name-calling from the comfort of the Jubilee house to win him sympathy voters.

Nana Addo, the good people of Ghana demand accountability of your stewardship, what you, your friends, and family government, including the 120 Minsters have to show for the 135 Billion you have so far borrowed? On your way out you still want to satisfy your borrowing quench and milk the Ghanaian economy by borrowing 500 million dollars against almost $4 billion to be accrued in mineral royalties deal for the sole benefit of you and your sakawa boys. These are the issues that all concerned citizens of Ghana are asking and talking about.

Nana Addo has reduced his no agenda, nonperforming NPP to tribal stoking, hoping to gain the empathy of Ghanaians! Nana Addo, you know what, Ghanaians are now wide awake and fully aware that what Mahama spoke about is true and it is being orchestrated by you and a handful members of the Akyem Mafia, aka, sakawa boys.

President Nana Addo and the NPP have no moral grounds to accuse others or John Mahama of stoking racial tensions, looking at the long history of leading members of his party and himself, who refer to others as foreigners when they constantly state that they are taking “their country” back. One may ask from whom? The citizens of Ghana they refer to as aliens? The recent voter registration exercise also exposed the president and his cohorts when for the first time in our history, they strategically placed armed soldiers and alleged NPP militiamen and women in uniform, at areas in the Volta and other regions. Citizens peacefully going to register were subjected to constant harassment and other denigrating terms. They were even classified as aliens in their own country in an effort to disenfranchise them. These allegations were widely available on social media and echoed by respected citizens and chiefs in the affected regions but the President, Nana Addo, said he did not see or hear anything! Indeed, President Nana Addo endorsed Osafo-Marfo’s ethnocentric comments about John Mahama, with his silence over the issue. Leading members of the NPP also use unprintable words and descriptions on major ethnic groups in the country, especially people from the northern and the Volta Regions. What is more tribal than comments such as:“y3 Akanfu y3 gye y3 man?’,“but if not for them educating the people from the North for free, they would all have been rearing cattle?’. These clearly show that the NPP has demonstrated time without number that they are the custodians of tribal stoking and bigotry without shame.

The 2020 elections will be about issues and records so if the NPP-USA has anything remotely tangible to say about the poor record of the NPP as compared to that of John Mahama, they should do so because that would serve them better than resolve to peddle lies and name-calling. A government that has borrowed more than all previous governments together must have something to show for it. Unfortunately, the NPP doesn’t. Even on their way out, the sakawa boys want to have one more grandstand by putting up a company to loot the country out of its mineral resources and put the proceeds into a tax haven. To all members of the NPP, ask yourselves, are you going to benefit from their loot, if not, we urge you to join us stop this nonsense being meted to Ghanaians by a few individuals.

We, members of the NDC are unshakably focused in our resolve to kick out the most tribalistic and non-performing Nana Addo government, better known for scandals upon scandals, loot and share, friends and family and now sakawa boys brigade.

Long Ghana

Long Live the NDC

Ey3 zu Ey3 za

Kamal Mustapha

NDC USA Communication Officer.

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