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Korle Bu School Of Hygiene Students On Rampage, Block Principal From Leaving Campus

Korle Bu School Of Hygiene Students On Rampage, Block Principal From Leaving Campus
LISTEN SEP 8, 2020

Some irate students of the Korle Bu School of Hygiene have stopped the principal of the school, Isaac Newton Dzahene from leaving the school premises over his decision to evacuate them from campus.

The students, who formed a human barricade in front of the principal's vehicle, said they will only leave if he rescinds his decision to evacuate them from campus.


The evacuation notice was given to them after the final year students refused to write their end of semester exam in protest of the non-payment of their allowances.

However, speaking to Citi News, the school's principal, Mr. Dzahene, said his hands were tied as the campus must prepare to welcome continuing students.


“So we’ve managed to negotiate with them to write the end of semester exams and they [students] proposed that and we agreed. Just yesterday when they had to start the exams, they brought a letter that they are suspending the exams. So what do we do again?”

“It’s the students calling for the suspension of the exams and not us [management]. They gave us the date they want to write the exams and we even prepared a new timetable for them which on the notice boards and now they are saying this. They are adults and they know what they are doing. We don’t know for them and we want them to finish and go home and they’re demands are beyond us.”


Meanwhile, the students say they will not leave campus until they present a petition requesting more time on campus.


The SRC president in a Citi News interview said, “the school authorities have not been chasing our allowance for us and we have taken that upon ourselves and we are chasing for that from the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Sanitation.”


“Just yesterday, the ministries released a clearance list to the leadership in which even the number on it does not tally with the number we gave them, and now the management of the school has given us letters to the effect of evicting us from the hostels and we come to him to address that issue, he is refusing to address our concerns so until he meets with us to address our concerns, we are not leaving here and he is also not leaving here.”


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